The Yemeni genocide…

The Saudi Arabian prince isn’t just another Arab strongman consolidating his dictatorial power; he’s also creating his own Hitler-like genocide against the Houthis in Yemen. His secretive and despotic government supports Sunnis in Yemen.  Because Iran supports the Houthi Shi’ites there, Saudi Arabia is using starvation and cholera as weapons to murder the Houthis. These include women and children, innocent victims of an evil regime.

The NY Times in a rather misleading article called the prince’s actions another manifestation of the Arab Spring. Far from it. I guess the Times’s writers went into a trance with things like allowing women to drive, as if cosmetic changes in this dark and closed society could turn Saudi devils into angels! This is all just spin conjured up to distract the West, and the NY Times swallowed it and extolled the virtues of the “new regime” in a piece of irresponsible journalism at best and unpaid Saudi propaganda at worst.

The rotting core below the tip of this reformist iceberg is dangerous and depressing.  The images of starving and sick children on the November 19th segment of CBS’s Sixty Minutes should make anyone who isn’t a neo-Nazi cringe and grimace. Conservatives in the U.S. generally don’t watch Sixty Minutes, but they should have watched this episode, especially considering the NY Times blatant bias. Starvation and cholera aren’t pretty wherever they occur, but weaponizing them is a new invention. Leave it to the duplicitous Saudis to turn them into weapons in their campaign for political and religious domination in the region.

The Saudis didn’t just settle with creating modern terrorism. Most of the 9/11 murderers were Saudis. Bin Laden was a Saudi. And the Saudi government funds religious schools that brainwash young men so they become violent terrorists—Saudi terrorists. ISIS never became a 16th-century-style caliphate; Saudi Arabia already was long before ISIS! If Iran is a rogue nation, so is Saudi Arabia. They both destabilize the region via their radical brands of Islam. Their only commonality is their hatred for Israel. Neither nation is any friend of the U.S. or the West, yet the very military equipment we’ve sold to the Saudis is now used to murder Houthis in Yemen.

It’s clear that Saudi Arabia supported 9/11. Members of the royal family fled the U.S. immediately afterward in a guilty diaspora before they could be brought to justice. Recently released Top Secret documents have confirmed the dark kingdom financed the 9/11 terrorists. This should have been enough for President Trump to also declare Saudi Arabia a state sponsor of terrorism. I wouldn’t be surprised if they supported ISIS too. Those rabid dogs are Sunnis, after all, and were fighting groups directly linked to Iran, Saudi Arabia’s sworn enemy. Was the recent attack on that mosque in Upper Sinai another hit engineered by the Saudis? Iran’s Islamic sect is Shi’ite, the Houthis in Yemen are Shi’ites, and the worshippers in the mosque were Sufis. Saudi Arabia’s Islamic isn’t even Sunni; it’s Wahhabism, and the Saudis don’t like any other sects!

But the president won’t make that declaration. He has too many business interests in Saudi Arabia. He’s a wannabe despot himself, so he’s comfortable hobnobbing with Saudi despots, as a recent trip there showed. And he likes wealth. While Saudi Arabians per capita aren’t as wealthy as citizens of some other rich Arab countries—far from it, because the gap between rich and poor in Saudi Arabia is disgraceful—the royal family, led by Prince Charming, has the kind of ostentatious lifestyle Trump aspires to.

But back to western Yemen. Will the Saudis succeed in emulating the Nazi holocaust and eradicate the Houthis? It looks like no one will stop them. They won’t let food and medical supplies or aid personnel reach the Houthis. The latter will die, and world will have yet another holocaust. Maybe fewer people will be involved than in Nazi Germany, but that shouldn’t make anyone feel good. Except the Saudis.

It’s time for the U.S. to put sanctions on the Saudis and isolate their evil. That’s the moral imperative. Letting another holocaust occur is morally unacceptable.


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