The Chaos Chronicles Trilogy Collection…

Survivors of the Chaos, Sing a Zamba Galactica, and Come Dance a Cumbia…with Stars in Your Hand! are the books in my “Chaos Chronicles Trilogy.” Now you can obtain them all in one ebook, The Chaos Chronicles Trilogy Collection, for a price less than all three, and even less than the first book! This bundle is a new experiment for yours truly and represents my continuing efforts to entertain as many readers as possible.

First, what is a bundle? They have become popular, but they’re collections of several books. They might be all by the same author or by different ones writing on the same theme or in the same genre. Every bundle offers readers a lot of good entertainment at the best price they can find in fiction books. My bundle is only an experiment because it’s my first bundle, but modern readers probably see a lot of them offered.

Second, are there economic reasons for publishing a bundle for the author, not just readers? Sure there are. In my case, books #2 and #3 above have never done well because ebook #1 was overpriced and the print book wasn’t competitive either. All too often people understandably didn’t want to read #2 and #3 without reading #1. The latter was published in my POD era by Infinity; I didn’t determine the prices. At that time, ebooks were new to publishing. Of course, Big Five publishers still charge as much for ebooks as print books, but Infinity and other PODs were often worse. That’s nothing against them. Infinity was a lot nicer to me than Xlibris, for example, but being nice doesn’t cut it when outmoded business models are concerned. Publishing is a competitive business. An author has to compete with many good books and good authors these days.

For The Midas Bomb and Soldiers of God, also Infinity books originally, I simply created second edition ebooks; I also did that for Full Medical, an Xlibris print book originally. But for the trilogy I had two goals: create a second ebook edition of Survivors of the Chaos as well as encourage readers to read books #2 and #3, Sing a Zamba Galactica and Come Dance a Cumbia…with Stars in Your Hand! They make the trilogy one continuous and epic story about humanity’s future in the galaxy.

That said, let me describe the three novels contained in the bundle:

Book #1, Survivors of the Chaos, takes the reader from an Earth dominated by multinationals and policed by their mercenaries to the nearby star 82 Eridani where colonists settle on an Earth-like planet. Book #2, Sing a Zamba Galactica, begins with people from that colony experiencing humanity’s first encounter with other intelligent lifeforms, some strange ETs who turn out to be very friendly. Some other unfriendly ones soon appear. The strangest ET of all is a collective intelligence filling a star cluster that needs a psychiatrist; humans help cure it. Book #3, Come Dance a Cumbia…with Stars in Your Hand!, begins with a narcissistic and psychotic industrialist whose goal is to dominate all intergalactic shipping. If the “Chaos Chronicles Trilogy” is akin to Asimov’s “Foundation Trilogy,” then this industrialist is the Mule who must be stopped before he ruins everything human beings and their ET friends have achieved. Oh, by the way, some more strange ETs are introduced. Asimov didn’t have any in his trilogy; mine is loaded with them.

I’m really sorry that these short blurbs can’t begin to describe the scope of this trilogy. Maybe I can entice you even more by pointing out that it fits into one continuous future history from The Midas Bomb to Rogue Planet—that’s seventeen ebooks and three series, and this timeline also contains my newest novel, Rembrandt’s Angel. How did I keep it all straight? Just writing one book at a time!


You can read the Chaos Chronicles Trilogy Collection for $5.99—one ebook that costs less than the ebook for the first novel in the trilogy. The novels, Survivors of the Chaos, Sing a Zamba Galactica, and Come Dance a Cumbia…with Stars in Your Hand!, take you from the Chaos years of an Earth dominated by multinationals and controlled by their mercenaries to Humans’ first interstellar colonies and a first encounter. You will meet strange ETs, good and bad, bipeds and collective intelligences, and experience mystery and intrigue, as Humans expand into near-Earth space. Now available on Amazon and Smashwords and soon at all the latter’s distributors (Apple, B&N, Kobo, etc).

In libris libertas!


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