Sweet home, Alabama…

It’s the state that’s well on its way to elect an exploiter of underage girls as Senator with complete support of the GOP establishment.  It’s the state that thinks George Wallace is a hero and martyr.  It’s the state that’s still living the Civil War.  It’s the state where evangelists are racists, bigots, and not Christians.  And it’s the state whose football team is overrated and doesn’t belong in any post-season game, let alone the college playoffs.  It’s the most infamous state in the union right now, folks, and full of contradictions.

Only a special kind of chaotic and evil mental wiring in Alabamians’ heads can explain these contradictions.  How is it that a population claiming to be Christian can be racist and so tolerant of sexual perversion?  OK, I get it.  There is that “correct” alt-right white, racist, and perverse Christianity, what Alabamians believe, and then there’s that “incorrect” form that considers blacks and other minorities sisters and brothers and tolerates abominations like those practiced by the LGBT community. Alabamians see the pervert-in-chief in the White House as their political savior, yet forget all the teachings of their true Savior.  The only nice word I can think of to describe the situation is HYPOCRISY.

As far as white Alabamians are concerned, everyone else should leave the U.S. in order to purify the country.  Roy Moore has as much stated this, and he has plenty of fruitcakes who agree with him.  That’s fascist thinking.  Their alt-right mental makeup allows no place for reason, logic, or true Christian love and understanding.  Every person interviewed as a Roy Moore supporter I’ve seen came across as ignorant but also all too comfortable in their bigotry and hypocrisy.  They’d rather be red and wrong than tolerant and correct.  Maybe not all, but too many are Roy Moore supporters.

Roy Moore (no relation, but I’m ready to change my last name!) is just another George Wallace; both are part of a long line of racists, haters, and bigots from the Deep South, the land where the KKK is considered God’s army.  Alabama is the heart of old Dixie, always has been, and that summarizes its modern position and everything that’s wrong with the state.  Roy Moore hides his racism and bigotry under the cloak of religion; at least Wallace was open about his mental aberrations, although I suppose he also used God to justify them often.

Let me now call for a national boycott of everything and anything associated with Alabama.  Yes, I know, that might lead to the situation depicted in my short story “2035” (if you haven’t read it, please do so—it’s archived in the blog category “Steve’s Shorts”), but so be it.  Believe me, we’d be a lot better off without Alabama and most of the center of the country where “Christian values” means burying your head in the sand and ignoring the intolerant and pervasive evil around you…and in the White House.  After all, the only famous scientific institution in the state of Alabama (or should I say “infamous”) is Huntsville’s Redstone Arsenal, and they are the merchants of death!  But maybe they also work on making that drug-induced Armageddon in the Second Coming a reality—but will we like what is coming if it has anything to do with Alabama Christians?

Mr. Trump wants to give the kind of wacko Christian found in Alabama more power in the government so their kind of warped mentality can have free reign.  This is in direct contradiction to the Constitution and represents the major fear the Founding Fathers had that the U.S. would become a theocracy.  Of course, SCOTUS has supported the latter by not throwing out the case of the cake-Christian who doesn’t want to prepare a wedding cake for a gay couple.  Hmm?  Wasn’t Roy Moore kicked off the Alabama Supreme Court the second time for trying to prevent same-sex marriage?  I guess there are Roy Moore on the U.S. Supreme Court too!

With the many negative examples of theocracies from other parts of the world, and other abusive sects in America like the SBC, Pentecostals, Scientologists, and other cults, any rational person must conclude that religion and government must remain separate.  That means NO PARTICIPATION in politics.  All the last Roy Moore campaign events were held in churches, so Alabama is yet another example of how damaging it can be when they’re not separate.

If you can’t be logical and objective in the voting booth, you don’t belong in our democracy.  If you think electing someone from your damn party overrides any moral considerations, you don’t belong in our democracy.  These aren’t contradictory statements.  First, it’s not logical that partisanship overrides moral considerations.  And second, there’s a morality higher than any religion, one that even an atheist adheres too, and Alabamians just violated it if they elect Roy Moore.  And they claim to be Christians!  They should be ashamed and embarrassed.  That they’re not is all we need to launch my boycott, whatever the result of their sicko election.  Join me!  Organize and resist!


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And so it goes….

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