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“Detectives Chen and Castilblanco”: The Midas BombAngels Need Not Apply, Teeter-Totter between Lust and Murder, Aristocrats and Assassins, The CollectorFamily Affairs, and Gaia and the Goliaths. The entire series is also now available on Smashwords. (All from Carrick Publishing.)

“Clones and Mutants Trilogy”: Full Medical, Evil Agenda, and No Amber Waves of Grain

“Chaos Chronicles Trilogy”: Survivors of the Chaos, Sing a Samba Galactica, and Come Dance a Cumbia…with Stars in Your Hand!

“Mary Jo Melendez Mysteries”: Muddlin’ Through and Silicon Slummin’…and Just Gettin’ By

All books in a series can be read independently–in trade parlance, they can stand alone because they’re complete and self-contained–this is true of all my books.  I never write novels with cliffhangers and I won’t partition a book and sell each part separately for commercial purposes. Moreover, I don’t start a novel thinking about a series, so I have many books that aren’t in a series at all, although some books are bridges between series:

Other books: Rogue PlanetMore than Human: The Mensa ContagionThe Golden Years of Virginia Morgan (bridges between the “Detectives Chen and Castilblanco Series” and the “Clones and Mutants Trilogy”), Soldiers of God (bridges between the “Clones and Mutants Trilogy” and the “Chaos Chronicles Trilogy”), The Secret Lab, Pop Two Antacids and Have Some Java, Fantastic Encores!, and Pasodobles in a Quantum Stringscape. Coming soon from Penmore Press (spring 2017)! Rembrandt’s Angel.

More information can be obtained on my Amazon author page.  Or, just click on the cover image to go to the Amazon page for that book. You can follow me on Goodreads by clicking on “Follow Author” at my Goodreads author page (that requires a log in if you’re not logged in already).  Both these pages contain thumbnail cover images of all my books (FYI: I’m a bit derelict about keeping this page up-to-date with them because it requires paying my webservice).

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Blurbs and review excerpts for novels and collections…

If you didn’t see the Amazon author page above, you just saw it again.  It has up-to-date info on my books and their prices, but here’s a list of my books.

Key: E = ebook mobi file (Amazon only); E* = ebook mobi and all other ebook file formats (Amazon, Smashwords and their affiliate retailers, like Apple, B&N, Kobo, and many lenders); and P = trade paperback (Xlibris, Infinity, or Create Space).

Here the books are divided between novels and short story collections and appear in approximate chronological order of publication.

Other reviews can be found on Amazon, book bloggers’ websites, and general review websites like Bookpleasures and Readers’ Favorite.

There’s a lot of reading here! Enjoy.


Full Medical (Xlibris, 2006, P; Carrick Publishing, 2011, E*) – a human cloning conspiracy

It is 2053. Only the privileged few who can afford full medical coverage have access to all the advances of the last fifty years. Periodic terrorist attacks are the aftermath of wars in the Middle East. These problems and others have poisoned the body politic. A small group of government and industry leaders, who believed that they had the right answers to these problems, devised a plan twenty years earlier to ensure that they would stay in power as long as possible. As the plan unravels and the cover-up begins, three courageous individuals are caught up in the maelstrom.

What the reviewers say…

“Moore has an obvious understanding of both science and the political landscapes that could lead us into mayhem.” – Donna Carrick, author of the award winning mystery The First Excellence ~ Fa-ling’s Map, in her Amazon review

“…it stands with the best ebooks I’ve read with some really good thriller fiction….Moore has a solid grasp of the science behind his future, and it makes this book all the more frightening and believable.”  – S. D. Beallis, in his Amazon review

Soldiers of God (Infinity, 2008, P; Carrick Publishing, 2014, E*) – a sci-fi spiritual awakening

It is 2077. (1) A grad student of Arab descent is writing a thesis about the assassination of a U.S. president in 2037, an event which led to the third war in the Middle East that this country becomes involved in. The grad student is brutally murdered. An FBI special task force investigating hate crimes takes charge of the case. (2) In a parallel development, a priest becomes involved with terrorist cells of religious extremists. Or, is he on a mission to eliminate them? (3) In another story thread, a ruthless businessman goes after South American heavy crude oil in the llanos, the vast plains shared by Colombia and Venezuela. As expensive as it will be to refine, the oil is worth billions now that the world’s light crude is mostly gone.

These threads all come together in a weighty tapestry that emphasizes human beings’ continuing struggle against extremists who promote the fundamentalist ideas that would take us back to the dark days of the Middle Ages and other ruthless men that exploit the extremists to further their own agendas. Oh, yes, in addition, the first nuclear exchange in the Southern Hemisphere occurs. However, is it all nuclear?

What the reviewers say…

“…The plot was fast-paced and tightly-woven…. There were lots of details that made it plausible enough to believe. There are lots of likable characters, and lots of baddies to not like. It’s … action packed, just plain old reading entertainment….I think this writer is exceptional….” – Mary Ann Koopmann in her Goodreads review

The Midas Bomb (Infinity, 2009, E, P; Carrick Publishing, 2016 E*, P) – a spicy stew of terrorism and high finance in the Big Apple

The murders of a Wall Street economist and a Navy SEAL in Manhattan only miles and minutes apart seem unrelated, but two NYPD homicide detectives discover a connection. As the strange cases merge and they chase down the killers, even with federal stonewalling, they uncover a terrorist plot to destroy two American icons and generate a financial crisis bigger than the Wall Street implosion of 2008. Hiding in the background are webs of international intrigue taken from today’s post 9/11 world.

Now on sale at Smashwords until March 1, 2017…use coupon code PV57D.

What the reviewers say…

“The author is well versed in the issues of today, as any reader of his blog knows, and he puts his knowledge to good use in this taut thriller about a plot to commit a terrorist act on US soil. I liked most everything about this book, but especially the characters, who don’t seem to be cookie-cutter type thriller characters. The plotting is intricate and you had better pay attention because every chapter and subchapter gives you information that you will need as you weave your way through the complex story.”  – S. D. Beallis, in his Amazon review

Midas Bomb is a thriller in the true sense of the word. It’s a page-turner that keeps you wanting to know what’s going to happen next. There are plenty of references to modern politics and parallels to recent/current events to make the story line believable and thought-provoking.  Also appreciated are the quotes at the start of each chapter. They connect with the story, and I learned some new things.” – Serenity Carson, in her Amazon review

“The Midas Bomb is a very well-written, action-packed thriller. The author quickly introduces some very interesting characters. It took a few chapters for me to sort them all out. The plot is intriguing and thought provoking with many twists and turns along the way. I found myself wondering if something like this scenario could really happen? …I really got into the story and thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.” – Paul Johnson, reviewing for Readers’ Favorite

Survivors of the Chaos (Infinity, 2011, E*, P) – passing through the social singularity.  The first book in “The Chaos Chronicles Trilogy.”

Traditional empires like the U.S. and E.U. break apart. China collapses. Companies consolidate and expand their domain around the Earth and to the far reaches of the solar system, becoming the glue that prevents anarchy as they contract mercenaries to brutally maintain order and ensure profits. Three reluctant heroes rise above this Chaos. A mild Midwestern rancher becomes a vengeful vigilante in the Big Apple; an astrophysicist struggles to save alien artifacts; and a tired mob enforcer finds a new life aboard a starship on the way to 82 Eridani.

What the reviewers say…

“This book is a page turner.  Readers steeped in current literature will appreciate the brevity of scenes that burst in front of you with a blinding flash of startling detail and then exit as quickly as a comet streaking through the night sky…ensnares you aboard a mental roller coaster catapulting over the hills and valleys of a world gone mad…a disquieted galaxy peppered with a roster of characters that would make a casting director envious, highly detailed space scenes, and an inspiring plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”  – David W. Menefee, Pulitzer-nominated author and reviewer for

“Steven M. Moore has a way of describing his characters that really bring them to life….  Through some pretty varied characters, you get to see the vast and detailed setting that the author envisioned, sometimes through some pretty unexpected plot twists.”  Kellie Sheridan, Sift Book Reviews

Evil Agenda (Carrick Publishing, 2011, E*) – what do super human mutants and WMDs have in common?

The sequel to Full Medical with many of the same characters and a host of new ones. Arch-villain Vladimir Kalinin is back, for example, and plotting for world dominion.  This thrill ride takes you from the DC area, to Africa, China, Canada, and Spain, as the protagonists try to stop Vladimir from completing his evil agenda.

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The Secret Lab (Carrick Publishing, 2011, E*) – a sci-fi thriller for young adults

Are you a young adult looking for an entertaining space adventure? Are you an adult who’s young at heart and likes to read YA fiction?  Or are you a parent looking for quality reading for the tweens and teens in your family? (The best gift you can give your child is the gift of literacy, and writing and reading in chunks of 140 characters at a time doesn’t count toward that!) Or do you just want to take a break from magic, vampires, and werewolves and kids murdering kids to read about a very smart cat?  Try this sci-fi mystery.  It’s NOT Harry Potter in space. Reintroduce yourself to the real magic of sci-fi!

What the reviewers say…

“Shashi, Brian, Juan Carlos, and Susan…a cat named Mr. Paws…find themselves in a tangled web of political and corporate intrigue…. The fictional technology was complex, but described so well I had no problems…” – Carolyn J. Rose, author of An Uncertain Refuge, in her Amazon review

“Mr. Paws is a true feline, with a cynical attitude….  The kids do their share of problem-solving….  The scientific terminology is convincing, and the space station is described in minute detail, which true lovers of sci-fi will appreciate.”  –H. M. Prévost, author of the young adult thriller, Desert Fire

Angels Need Not Apply (Carrick Publishing, 2012, E*) – the sequel to The Midas Bomb.

Detectives Chen and Castilblanco battle terrorists, neo-Nazis, and a Mexican cartel in this new thriller. The murder of an FBI agent’s son leads Castilblanco to take it personally. Chen breaks out of her stoical shell to have a hot and steamy relationship.

What the reviewers say…

“There’s more action in this book than its predecessor (both in gun fights and in the bedroom), but nothing that’s excessively graphic.  It’s hard to talk about the plot without giving away any spoilers. Suffice it to say that it’s very suspenseful, with enough twists to keep you guessing but not so many that it seems unfeasible….” – Serenity Carson, in her Amazon review

Sing a Samba Galactica (Carrick Publishing, 2012, E*) – the epic sci-fi sequel to Survivors of the Chaos – the second book in “The Chaos Chronicles Trilogy.”

Covering centuries of humanity’s future in the Galaxy, the events of this novel take readers on a star-hopping ride from the discovery of ETs on the 82 Eridani colony planet New Haven; to battles against the evil Tali on the Delta Pavonis colony planet Sanctuary and Earth; to the development of FTL travel; and to the healing of the Swarm, a giant, composite intelligence in the form of a globular cluster.  Steve’s imaginative extrapolations of current science and technology are second only to his human and ET characters, space scenes, and careful plotting.

No reviews yet–be the first to review!

Come Dance a Cumbia…with Stars in Your Hand!  (Carrick Publishing, 2012, E*) – The saga continues:  This novel completes  “The Chaos Chronicles Trilogy.”

This novel shows why we always have to be vigilant against those whose thirst for power becomes an obsession.  The protagonists—the tough, brilliant, and beautiful Silvia Kensington, the old warrior Brent Mueller, bent but not broken, and others—serve as Steve Moore’s Second Foundation; the villain—Dimitri Negrini, an evil genius—his Mule.  They become forged in fire by the events portrayed in the first two novels and their struggles in this one.  Action, suspense, and intrigue are found in this star-hopping modern sci-fi saga that combines elements of space opera with new perspectives on today’s problems.

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The Golden Years of Virginia Morgan (Carrick Publishing, 2013, E*) – Does the government think that some Baby Boomers possess too many national secrets?

What happens when paranoid U.S. government officials decide their elderly agents and top scientists are becoming security risks with the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s?  The year is 2030.  Meet DHS agent Ashley Scott and Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Eduardo Ortega.  They battle a government conspiracy that goes far beyond an attack on the elderly who possess classified information.  But is it really the government conspiring?  Your old friends, NYPD homicide detectives Chen and Castilblanco, play supporting roles in this fast-paced sci-fi thriller.

What the reviewers say…

“…Chen and Castilblanco, the protagonists of previous stories set in the same fictional universe, play relatively minor roles here. Instead the focus is on middle-aged Homeland Security agent Ashley Scott who rather inadvertently stumbles into a government facility playing host to some highly suspicious activity. Several chapters give you a look into the shadowy characters of Raven and Hawk, who are somehow related to the mysterious operation Scott uncovers and eventually becomes a victim of….This book is a page-turner that keeps you guessing until the end….there’s plenty of suspense and thrills to go around. Ashley Scott, despite her age, is a strong leading lady who you’ll almost certainly develop an admiration for by the end of the book.”

—Serenity Carson, in her Amazon review

Teeter-Totter between Lust and Murder (Carrick Publishing, 2013, E) – Detectives Chen and Castilblanco are in a murder mystery that’s also a thriller.

The sleuths of The Midas Bomb and Angels Need Not Apply will embroil you in action and suspense yet again.  As a mystery novel, it is a dark probing into the nexus the crime underworld sometimes enjoys with the rich and powerful.  Chen is arrested for the murder of a senator in circumstances that seem to leave no doubt of her guilt, but Castilblanco helps prove her innocence.  With this new crime novel, Steve continues the saga of your two favorite detectives as they and their companions fight the corrupting influence of the illegal weapons trade.

What the reviewers say…

“Chen and Castilblanco together again—this time in a police crime thriller–loved it! This is solid work—two lead characters who are as opposite as can be but who form a perfect crime fighting combo. What I especially like about this book is that everything was laid out in front of the reader—there were any number of suspects—and I let myself be led down a trail only to be shocked at who actually did it! Great writing—wonderful character development—I think the best yet from this author!” – Annie Laurie in her Amazon review

“Who can you believe? Who can you trust? How long will you live if you poke your nose into the business of people without conscience? How high does the corruption reach? Steven Moore’s protagonists wrestle with these questions as they set out to solve a murder and become targets for the killer. Good description and some terrific similes.” –  Carolyn J. Rose, author of Hemlock Lake and Through a Yellow Wood, in her Amazon review.

No Amber Waves of Grain (Carrick Publishing, 2013, E*) – The clones and mutant fight yet another battle

This new sci-fi thriller carries the reader beyond government conspiracies and political intrigue to world-wide suspense and action. The new addition to the “Clones and Mutants Series” features many players from Full Medical and Evil Agenda: Kalidas Metropolis and friend, two clones, and your favorite evildoer Vladimir Kalinin aka Rupert Snyder aka Sergio Battaglia, who will surprise readers of the first two books in the series. But this country-hopping tale also stands alone as a glimpse into a possible future where forces both good and evil, aided by science and technology, fight to the death.

What the reviewers say…

“Having read the other two books in the clones series, this one is my favorite. I have become rather fond of these characters and feel I know them well. This story was very straightforward with enough surprises and intrigue to keep me reading! The other two books were heavily layered with information, situations, history and character development which paved the way for the sublime simplicity of this one. If you are on the 3rd book you know the characters and you can immerse yourself in their adventures (and sometimes misadventures) and enjoy good story telling! I highly recommend this book and others by this author.” – Debby Kelly, in her Amazon review

“When I was about 2/3 of the way through this book, I was going to say that it felt rushed and that it could have been expanded into two books instead of one. I still think that, after finishing, but I loved the ending. The main character, anti-hero Sergio Battaglia, seems to be showing that everyone can grow and change over the course of one’s life, and he has certainly changed from an amoral super-villain to a much more nuanced and complex character in this book. The stories that run through the book are chilling, because even though they’re set a ways in the future, I can see the beginnings of them happening right today – and I believe that is exactly what Steven Moore wants for us as readers….Moore reminds me of Asimov, a clear and logical storyteller with firmly grounded roots in the realities of today’s world. That’s as good a compliment as I can come up with!” – S. D. Beallis, in his Amazon review

Aristocrats and Assassins (Carrick Publishing, 2014, E) – Chen and Castilblanco thwart a terrorist who’s kidnapping European royalty.

What’s the terrorist’s agenda? Why is his battle with Castilblanco personal? What’s the connection with Chen’s case in Hong Kong? These questions and more are answered in this action-packed fourth addition to the series which takes you on a breathless tour of Western Europe and the UK.

What the reviewers say…

“Unlikely partners, detectives Chen and Castliblanco chase down international terrorists in a global arena, trying to stop a plot bearing mysterious and ominous consequences. For Rolando Castiblanco, the stakes are personal—his wife Pam Stuart, a New York City television reporter has also been grabbed and used as a pawn in Kadar El-Ghazzawy’s deadly game.”

–M. Nettleton, author of The Shotgun Kiss, in his Amazon review

“You know all those traditional things in plots, like the beginning, the turn, the rise of the conflict, the middle, the raising of the stakes, the twist, the final battle, the climax, and the catharsis? Well, this story has them all. And it is all woven very expertly together. There are also a few surprises along the way. Characters die when you don’t expect. Characters escape from situations where you don’t expect. Characters that you thought weren’t important turn out to have pivotal roles. In short, there’s plenty of little twists and turns along the way….

As a textbook example of a self-contained story that is part of a series, we wish this author would start giving lectures on how to accomplish this feat. Clearly this is a maturing writer who has got all of the basics down pat, and this story is like a little cocoon of awesomeness ready to hatch into an epic dragon. The best part about it is that you don’t “need” to read the next installment because the story’s unfinished; instead, you want to read the next installment because this completed story leaves the audience satisfied, fulfilled, and looking forward to the next big adventure. And, because it’s the fourth in the series, interested readers can pick up the other three books and enjoy them in the meantime.”

GoodBadBizarre, in their Amazon review

Muddlin’ Through (Carrick Publishing, 2014, E*) — A new mystery/suspense/thriller ebook takes you on a roller-coaster ride; a new protagonist makes like Heinlein’s Friday or Jolie’s Salt, only better, because she has to make it up as she goes.

Ex-USN Master-at-Arms Mary Jo Melendez finds a new job and a lot of trouble as she is accused of stealing state secrets and murdering her sister and brother-in-law.  She escapes and rambles across Europe, South America, and the U.S. in search of the true perpetrators.  In the process she finds adventure, romance, and friends who restore her faith in humanity.

What the reviewers say…

“Steven M. Moore takes ex-military master at arms Mary Jo Melendez and puts her through the ringer! She is given trial after trial and muddles through, as the title suggests. This was a bit of a change of pace for Moore, who seems to usually write more tightly woven stories, but it had his usual interesting characters, a series of geographically diverse settings and plenty of action.”—S. D. Beallis, in his Amazon review

“Mary Jo went through many changes as a character, including experiencing a little romance, and I think other readers will appreciate her depth as more than just a girl who can punch and shoot.  I love the fact that she was so well rounded….” –Janella Fila, in her Readers’ Favorite review

The Collector (Carrick Publishing, 2014, E*) — #5 in the “Detectives Chen and Castilblanco Series” returns the two cops to NYC.

The detectives set out to solve the murder of a SOHO art dealer, delve into the shadowy world of art thieves, and discover that stolen artworks can serve as collateral to finance some dark and sleazy entrepreneurship.  A must read for followers of the series.

What the reviewers say…

“Art theft and child sexual abuse are an unlikely duo in the criminal world – those who purloin famous artists paintings for resale to rabid collectors usually move in different circles to disgusting perverts who prey on children.  Writer Steven M. Moore, in his new thriller, The Collector, has successfully merged these two criminal activities to create the latest in the NYPD homicide detectives Chen and Castilblanco series.” – Bookbuzz, in her Amazon review

“The Collector is vigorous, forceful storytelling at its best. Moore’s moral perspective is clear. Castilblanco’s world is rich soil for nurturing cynics and pessimists. Moore’s detective, however, is a force of one, brimming with gruff optimism and hope. An idealist thrives underneath his sarcasm and his story makes for a great read.” – John Hohn, author of Breached and Deadly Portfolio, in his Amazon review

“Along with the well-baked plot, The Collector dances along at a brisk but not overwhelming pace.  Moments of action and suspense are spaced between moments of reflection and character-building, making for a smooth and creamy blend that went down easily….  The Collector is a near-perfect slice of mystery, with flavorful characters and a punchy plot!  If you want a good mystery, I wholeheartedly suggest you pick this one up, even if you haven’t read any of the other books.  Taking this as a sample of the rest of the series, I think I can safely endorse the rest of them as well.” – J. B. Garner in his blog review

Silicon Slummin’…and Just Gettin’ By (Carrick Publishing, 2015, E*) – second novel in the Mary Jo Melendez mystery series entertains with the new adventures of this ex-USN Master-at-Arms.

Mary Jo has a new job as security director for a computer games firm in the Silicon Valley.  She also has a stalker and Russian and U.S. agents pursuing her.  The PI she hires to protect her becomes more than a friend, and an autistic boy, her neighbor, also chips in to thwart her pursuers.

“From the onset I was wholly captured by Steven M. Moore’s ability to weave this story of intrigue and suspense.  His writing style and character development, within the confines of a vivid telling of a unique story, is what suspense thrillers should be judged by.” – Destiny Brown, in her Goodreads review.

More than Human: The Mensa Contagion (Carrick Publishing, 2015, E*) – An exciting story about new beginnings for humans on Earth and beyond.

“People of Earth!  You’ve just won a complete makeover of your society that brings peace and prosperity.  What will you do next?”  “Why, go to Mars, of course!”  This epic sci-fi tale relates how an invading ET virus affects Earth’s social structures and subsequent space exploration.  I returned to sci-fi after a brief hiatus with this new novel that reads like a combination of Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land, Crichton’s Andromeda Strain, Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama, and Weir’s The Martian, an exciting story about new beginnings for humans on Earth and beyond.

What the reviewers say…

“More than Human kept me turning pages after I should have put the book down…. I found the characters well developed and the plot fresh.  I was reminded at times of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy.”

—Debra Miller, in her Amazon review

Family Affairs (Carrick Publishing, 2015, E*) — #6 in the “Detectives Chen and Castilblanco Series.”  You’ll think twice about taking that cruise!

NYPD detectives Chen and Castilblanco continue their adventures in this sixth novel in the series.  Castilblanco’s relative Teresa and Nasir are an item, but Nasir kills Teresa’s taunting and jealous ex-boyfriend in a fight.  When they look to Nasir’s friends for help, those friends kidnap the two fugitives who become involved in a terrorist plot.  While the two detectives try to find Teresa and prove her innocence, a case in a different precinct involving a different Castilblanco relative surfaces.  The cop’s uncle, other detectives, and the Coast Guard help sort things out, including the connection to an old mafia family.

What the reviewers say…

“Detectives Castilblanco and Chen are back in action (OK, it’s mostly Castilblanco in this one) as Rollie is enlisted to help find a missing cousin, who disappeared after her boyfriend has a fight with a man outside a bar and the other guy ends up dead. Rollie and a detective from the jurisdiction where the death occurred track the clues that present themselves and begin to realize that things are pointing at something potentially more serious than a barroom brawl — it begins to appear that Rollie’s cousin might be tied into some sort of terrorist plot.

This latest book from Steven M. Moore reads like a textbook on construction of a mystery story, and then broadens naturally into a tale of wider scope as the intrigue and mystery run together. I found this to be one of Moore’s best, and can’t wait for a future installment in the C&C chronicles. Maybe we’ll meet some of Chen’s extended family next?”

–S. D. Beallis, in his Amazon review

Rogue Planet (Carrick Publishing, 2016, E* P) — Medieval settings mixed with tech-magic, armies doing battle, mystery, suspense, and thrills all await you.

Hidden away from near-Earth planets in remote spiral arms of the Galaxy are Human worlds that have lost contact with more progressive worlds and reverted to strange and primitive customs and traditions, their leaders using religion, superstition, and imported technologies to rule in tyranny.  Survey ships explored and catalogued these planets as suitable for future colonization centuries earlier, but groups with a special interest in ensuring a homogeneous and often despotic society didn’t bother applying for permission to colonize.

Following the ITUIP (Interstellar Trade Union of Independent Planets) Protocol, ships are restricted to observe and maintain a hands-off policy for these rogue planets, even when there is great temptation to intervene.  Eden, where a theocracy rules with an iron fist, is such a planet.  A group of rebels struggles to end the oppressive regime to forge a new future.

What the reviewers say…

“Looking at the “Cast of Characters” at the beginning of Rogue Planet, I expected a multi-generational sci-fi epic bridging across a galaxy of planets.

What followed wasn’t anything quite that complex. True, Moore’s fictional galaxy is watched over by the ITUIP (Interstellar Trade Union of Independent Planets) which follows a sort of Prime Directive, that is they have a non-interference policy regarding worlds that are suffering from human conflicts. In this case, the First Tribe of planet Paradise is facing a natural disaster but are offered assistance by the Second Tribe of planet Eden who allow their neighbors to come and establish a colony on their world. Instead of showing gratitude, the theocratic First Tribe conquers and enslaves their benefactors.

After this set-up, Rogue Planet becomes the story of the messianic Kaushal, who is the prince of the Second Tribe. He enters the story as a kitchen slave, becomes an entertainer at court, and then escapes to join rebellious Second Tribe members out in the hinterlands.

Much of the tale then follows Kaushal’s training as a warrior and leader before he leaves the planet to seek aid from the aloof Trade Union which doesn’t seem inclined to get involved with Eden’s turmoils. After that, well, Kaushal has work at home to begin.”–Wesley Britton, Bookpleasures reviewer

“Rogue Planet by Steven M. Moore gives us a glimpse of an Eden that is more violent than the paradise we typically associate with the name. Welcome to a universe where humanity has spread to outlying planets, losing touch with Earth as they meet other species. One of these worlds is Eden, so named for its perfect environment, but unfortunately the people have made their society the exact opposite under an oppressive theocracy. The planet now finds itself in a civil war when a species they rescued from another dying planet have taken over the world, and cruelly subjected the first inhabitants of the planet to death or slavery. In this turmoil we meet groups of outlying tribes who, united under the last surviving son of a previous monarch ruthlessly murdered in the takeover, strive to take back control of their planet and join the Interstellar Trade Union of Independent Planets to prevent the savage lifestyle from continuing to plague their world.

Rogue Planet is a well plotted and well-paced novel that gives you a glimpse into a larger universe, filled with unique beings. It’s amazing to see how humanity is able to both thrive and struggle away from their home planet, as they learn to work with other species to form a peaceful galaxy, yet are still challenged by pockets of resistance or turmoil on other, more remote planets, such as Eden. Steven M. Moore does a great job with balancing both the good and bad aspects of humanity, and showing how it can work out for good or ill, depending on the intent and will of the people. I did enjoy this book and the new galaxy it opens up to readers, although I do wish there had been more ties to Earth throughout the plot. It is a good read, though, and very well written.”–Sherri Fulmer Moore, Readers’ Favorite reviewer

Gaia and the Goliaths (Carrick Publishing, 2017, E*)–from Manhattan to European capitals and back, get ready for another thrill ride.

Detectives Chen and Castilblanco set out to solve the murder of an environmental activist. The case soon becomes international in scope as a conspiracy involving an energy conglomerate, the Russians, and an old nemesis of the detectives is unveiled. A mystery, suspense, and thriller tale that will entertain all readers of those genres. Also available in all ebook formats on Smashwords and their affiliated retailers (Apple, B&N, Kobo, etc) and lenders.

What the reviewers say.,.

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Short Stories


Novel, novella, short story–when I start writing, I never know how long the tale will be.  I write a lot of short stories and have two novella-length works.  Some of the shorts have won prizes.

Many short stories originally found in “Steve’s Shorts” are now published in the following short story collections and anthologies.  You had your chance to read them for free, but they’re still a real bargain for those who didn’t!  (You can still find free ones in that blog category.)

Pop Two Antacids and Have Some Java (Carrick Publishing, 2012, E)–more cases involving NYPD Detectives Chen and Castilblanco.

(This short story collection is an inexpensive way to meet and greet Chen and Castilblanco if you’re hesitatant about getting involved in the series.)

What the reviewers say…

“If you’re familiar with Detectives Chen and Castilblanco from this author’s other books [see the series info above]…, then this collection of short stories provides some insight into their relationship as friends and partners. It’s a nice way to get to know the characters better. If you haven’t read [the other] books, this collection still stands on its own….  Either way, this book is great for anyone who enjoys a good thriller/detective story but doesn’t have a lot of time to spend ‘solving the case.’  The individual stories (some featuring both detectives, and some occurring before they partnered up) are still very gripping and exciting without confining you to one case for an extended period.”–Serenity Carson, in her Amazon review

Pasodobles in a Quantum Stringscape (Carrick Publishing, 2013, E) — short works of speculative fiction for your reading pleasure

Features the novella “Flight from Mother World,” seven Dr. Carlos stories (he;s the medical officer on the starship Brendan) that take place in the far future beyond “The Chaos Chronicles,” and many other stories to give you hours of entertaining reading.

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World Enough and Crime (Carrick Publishing, 2014, E*, P) — short stories covering the mystery, suspense, and police procedural genres

Various authors are included in this anthology.  My short story, “The Case of the Carriageless Horse,” relates Detective Castilblanco’s first case as an NYPD homicide detective. (Chen isn’t his partner yet, but she makes a cameo appearance.)  The tales here should offer you hours of exciting entertainment.

What the reviewers say…

“I settled down with this book on a grey Sunday afternoon, with a perfect cup of tea and a necessary stash of chocolate for company, and I found this to be a wonderfully pleasant way to spend a cosy afternoon! From murderous mathematics (perhaps my favourite story in the anthology) to futuristic imaginings, this book really is like a box of chocolates, with one treat following another!”  — Lisa de Nikolits, in her Amazon review

Fantastic Encores! (Carrick Publishing, 2015, E) — five short stories set in Steve’s “Chaos Chronicles” universe

These short stories feature characters from “The Chaos Chronicles Trilogy.”  Two more Dr. Carlos stories are also included.  (For others, see Pasodobles in a a Quantum Stringscape.)

(This is an inexpensive way to try my sci-fi writing on for size.)

What the reviewers say…

“This is a great collection of short stories that are well-written and interesting.  Although they introduce characters that the author created in other books, these stories stand alone.” — Debra Miller, in her Amazon review.

In libris libertas….