Special post: With this tax bill, the fascist oligarchy prevails…

The Senate just before 2 a.m. today passed the most egregious tax bill in America’s history! These scurrilous sycophants of the oligarchy of rich elites, Corporate America, and the coalition of haters and bigots has struck yet another blow against the poor and middle class, worsening the plight of the former and adding another nail in the coffin of the latter.  Happy Holidays from the Grinches at the U.S. Senate, folks!

You’d think that such an important “reform” (the polite term for their “f**k-you” tax bill) would require a Senate majority to pass. But no, the GOP pulled another sneaky work-around yet again and squeaked through with a 51-49 simple majority. Let’s analyze how egregious this fascist coup is.

First, they would have added less crippling debt to future generations if they’d just voted for a national program to construct euthanasia centers—at least Mr. Trump could claim he’d started on his promised infrastructure program besides building more resorts and golf courses! The sick and the elderly will have shorter lives because you can bet that McConnell, Hatch, and their cronies convinced deficit-hawks that they’ll be able to offset the deficit increase by substantially cutting Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, as well as gut the ACA. Sen. Marco Rubio has admitted as much. Maybe it’s already in the bill. With characteristic sloppiness, the bill that was approved had last-minute changes added, many penciled in, so no one has even seen a final version—what are they hiding? Sen. Bob Corker, no sterling representative of human compassion but the only true conservative among the GOP senators who are traitors to the American public (that includes Sens. Flake and McCain, by the way), saw through this ploy. Apparently adding to the deficit is no longer a worry—the good old boys will get theirs and be long dead before our children and grandchildren slide into poverty and America becomes a Third World country.

It was both sad and amusing (black humor) to watch Wall Street’s reaction through this process. Corporate America showed its true colors and continues to follow the business model of 1930s Germany in supporting the wannabe dictator in the White House.  They’re trying to squeeze more blood from the poor and middle class masses who long ago lost all hope of narrowing the income gap between the rich elites and them. The DOW went up and down—up, as it seemed the tax bill would pass and send more money to the investors; down, when Lt. Gen. Flynn fingered Il Duce’s son-in-law and continued to collaborate with the special prosecutor. It’s almost as if Wall Street encouraged the sleazy collusion with the Russians that allowed Narcissus le Grand to win the 2016 election.

But slashes to entitlements (yes, we ARE entitled to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security because we pay for them with OUR taxes) are in the future unless they wrote them into the bill at the last moment. So what are the more immediate travesties the Senate approved? Let’s summarize them in a way even a conservative can understand: by punishing blue states, the Senate GOP will make the nation’s East and West Coast economic engines run on fumes. People who can no longer deduct state and local taxes will decrease their consumption—companies will fail because no one will buy their products! People will reduce expenses in a desperate effort to make ends meet. They will lose their jobs and see reduced wages in the jobs they keep. Why should they be motivated to make the rich more rich? The real estate business will collapse because mortgage interest and property taxes are no longer deductible. People will lose their houses and more will become homeless. Guess what a homeless person thinks of her or his government, whether national, state, or local.

And what of that infamous debunked theory of trickle-down economics? It never worked before, and it won’t work now! The only thing trickling down will be misery as the difference between the old 35% corporate tax level and the new 20% one goes to company VIPs and shareholders. No wonder the DOW went over 24,000! Investors were salivating—their economic rape of the American public will be even more profitable.  With Il Duce’s team eliminating regulations, billions are coming their way soon!

There is one consequence of the tax bill that is positive. It provides plenty of fodder for a 2018 voter rebellion that will ensure a speedy death for the GOP. They have committed political suicide with this bill.  This is the most unpopular tax reform in the nation’s history, and it will become even more so as it’s implemented. Retirees, the most consistent voting bloc in the U.S., will kill the GOP at the polls, for example, as the GOP slashes entitlements. The ten million or so new additions to the medically insured put there by gutting the ACA will know who to blame too. And people without work or in jobs with low wages will speak out at the polls.  If we don’t throw the GOP bums out in 2018, we only have ourselves to blame.  Organize and resist!


And so it goes….

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