Post-mortem of a speech to Congress…

In some dilating time machine or Mr. Trump’s parallel universe, ages have passed since he gave that speech to Congress. In real life, it was only a week ago—can you believe it? Everything he said is meaningless now, so dissecting that rambling rhetoric of a delusional man is anti-climactic. But let’s do it anyway because the president left the Twitter-sphere long enough to sound presidential and hide his narcissistic psychosis.

It’s curious that the media, after the president declared them to be the “enemy of the American people,” fell all over themselves to state that his “state of the union” (read: state of Trump’s parellel universe, that one that circulates among the dark energy and matter of his mind) set a new tone. Il Duce was even called presidential because he sounded presidential. But not for me—he’s not my president! He never will be my president, and isn’t the president of a majority of the American people.

What I heard was empty rhetoric reminiscent of Goebbels’s 1930’s propaganda in Germany—in other words, fascistic spin and appeal to populism playing on the fears of good Americans. His handlers, Bannon, Conway, and Miller, who take turns at the puppet strings—yes, he’s a marionette, even stringing himself along—carefully planned this atrocious display. If it was some crazy attempt to reach across the aisle, Dems won’t buy the snake oil from this charlatan, and didn’t—the thumbs-down from the Dem women in white were refreshing and evidence for their general mood—Trump the misogynist is women’s rights worst enemy. Narcissus the Wonderful shows no concern about women’s issues—we know he sees them only as objects—and on abortion, he’s as much a right-wing bigot as they come.

Let’s consider a few points. On trade, Trump might have sounded a wee bit like Sanders. There’s a huuuuge difference, though. Both men were born in Brooklyn, but the two are light years apart—Trump might actually live in one of those other multiverses where his marionette strings are tangled with those of general string theory. In particular, where Bernie was an earnest and honest champion for the working class, Il Duce doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about their plight—it’s all just show. He follows the time-tested fascist strategy of pretending to do so, of course—that’s how Franco, Hitler, and Mussolini came to power in the 1930s! U.S. workers should be wary about buying anything from this snake-oil salesman. Pay attention to his false promises at your own risk!

Immigration? Did we see a softer side? If you think so, you’re part of the problem. Dreamers? Maybe, he says, meaning “don’t distract with me with that, because I have to kick anyone out of the country my base says doesn’t belong here.” One vocal one was already arrested and held for deportation—Trump-ordered Gestapo-like ICE payback for speaking her mind. And he’s still bloviating about The Wall. He’s made an enemy of Mexico, and he’s deluded himself into thinking Trudeau is on his side. Canada’s immigration policies are leagues ahead of ours, which are medieval, inhumane, and isolationist. Build The Great Wall? What’s he going to do? Keep the entire National Guard on the southern border so those Mexican monsters can’t get inside? Maybe he thinks he’s that Matt Damon character standing on that Chinese version to keep the invading monster out—he definitely lives in a parallel universe if not a fantasy world of psychotic delusion.

He remains obsessed with repealing Obamacare. Even GOP congress people are beginning to realize that it would be better to fix its few problems than come up with something new. Even GOP congressional reps are facing angry crowds protesting their loss of healthcare—Utah, one of the reddest of red states is giving their reps no peace. Of course, SecHHS Price thinks he has the solution. Ryan thinks he has one too. Neither will work. People struggling to make ends meet really don’t benefit from tax credits or vouchers—they’d rather have their full refunds so they don’t starve. We’ll soon be back at where we were: people will wait until they’re sick and then show up at ERs, often to die, unless Price and Ryan wangle it so that hospitals turn them away to die in the streets. They’re certainly capable of doing that. Their mantra: If you can’t afford to pay for healthcare polices with usurious insurance premiums and for outlandishly expensive drugs, you deserve to die.

Other tax relief? At least that was something concrete in his rambling rhetoric, although he’s pandering to Wall Street. The Wall Street devils, seeing dollar signs followed by numbers in the millions and billions, react favorably to Trumpism, so all of us who aren’t one-percenters should be super-suspicious. What’s driving the market? Trump will give tax relief to U.S. companies in addition to killing all regulations (is there some new math that says adding one reg implies killing two? Or did Trump flunk basic arithmetic?). No matter that regs are now in place to keep companies from exploiting the American public and poisoning our environment—he’ll kill those with the stroke of a pen. Maybe Trump owns a company that produces biohazard suits and wants to make big-league profits? Of course, he thinks global warming is a hoax, so maybe he’ll let the coming pollution in the NYC area kill him in an attempt to prove his point. We can only hope.

Defense spending up, state department spending down? That’s not a surprise. Trump never believes in diplomacy. His diplomatic overtures will come as a nuclear attack when he goes into a tirade like he did with his AG’s recusal. His foreign policy? Turn Iran, North Korea, and any other place into nuclear slag. No wonder there’s a bill in Congress to keep him from practicing his brand of reckless diplomacy without congressional approval. I bet he won’t pay much attention to that requirement if it passes, though—he’s a bat-crap crazy Commander-in-Chief, so let’s give him an honorary doctorate as Dr. Strangelove. I’m not even sure what the Pentagon can do with an extra $54 billion besides waste it—they already do a lot of that. Maybe take over SpaceX and militarize space completely? Create the biggest standing army the world has known and invade every country on the planet that says anything negative about Trump? Let your imagination run wild–$54 billion is a lot of money. OK, it’s only a 10% increase in the defense budget, but when that original budget was already bloated and wasteful, you need some creative ways on how to spend it.

Infrastructure improvements? I can see a lot of sleazy companies getting rich here. With the regulations gone, they can cut back on quality too and get even richer. New highways will be old highways in no time; new bridges will be falling in no time. Take the regs away and there will be chaos, not to mention many citizens dying with catastrophic failures. And all those jobs? Just temporary. Workers will be hired and fired on a continuous basis, creating economic uncertainty and no long term solution to the general employment situation. (Same for those infamous pipelines!) Our infrastructure needs quality improvements, not just hurried and inferior projects. Moreover, construction jobs, while benefitting some companies, are throwbacks to the 1930s (Trump must love that era because he mimics the moguls of 1930s Germany). Today’s workers need to be retrained for the competitive world of the 2030s instead. Too many of today’s workers don’t have the skillsets needed for the 21st century.

And let’s not count that Wall as part of the infrastructure, even though construction companies are already getting in line to make bids for its construction. The Wall won’t solve anything, will be a waste of money, and be the worst diplomatic blunder since that wall in Berlin created hatred for the Soviet Union. Hmm. Maybe that’s why Trump likes the idea. Did his friend Vladimir suggest it? The xenophobic and homophobic and half-Lady Godiva Russian leader probably shed tears when that other wall fell. He’d dedicated his life to making Russia great again ever since!

I could go on and on. But I can’t make speeches, and no one will listen. There are millions like me, voices crying in the wilderness. Trump and his corrupt gangs of red-capped thugs (the new version of brown-shirts in Америка) have taken over. America won’t recover from this onslaught. I wasn’t naïve in my expectations. I expected the worse, and we got it! God help America….


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