Obama has a few days left to pass test #1…

Obama will add a new nail in the coffin of his legacy if he fails the following test: He only has to wait until September 23 to pass up vetoing the bill that would allow 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia. For once, Congress threw partisan bickering aside and passed this bill in the Senate and the House by a margin wide enough to override his veto…if they stick by their guns. Of course, it might just be a ploy by GOP members to make Obama look bad, so Congress will have their own test to pass if Obama keeps his promise to veto the bill—Congress should override in that case.

Obama’s legacy isn’t something candidate Clinton wants to hitch her wagon to by any means. His efforts to give affordable healthcare to more Americans were doomed from day one due to his Faustian bargain with the insurance companies and Big Pharma. Obamacare’s woes continues as a consequence (hence the Bernie Sanders quote in yesterday’s “Words of Wisdom”). I’d always argued for a single-payer system (not even Medicare is single-payer, by the way, despite Sanders’s pushing it for everyone), so all I can say is, “I told you so!” On the international front, his push for TPP is a slap in the face at all American workers. And he was in charge of cleaning up Bush’s mess in Iraq and blew it, not Clinton, because he left a vacuum there for ISIS to fill.  So, maybe his legacy is intact after all, one similar to Pete Rose’s—no Hall of Fame for Obama either: Lâche, infame, je te blame!

Whether Bush or Obama was responsible for the order to keep those 28 pages of the 9/11 report TOP SECRET, Obama was responsible for continuing it. If it had been public, you can bet Congress would have passed this bill a lot sooner. The Saudi royal family was clearly implicated even before—why else would they flee in cowardly droves immediately after 9/11? It wasn’t just because 15 of those 19 terrorists were Saudis. It wasn’t just because bin Laden was a Saudi. The Saudis have been duplicitous and walked a tightrope for years supporting those religious schools that teach hatred for the West and send out terrorists to maim and murder.

Of course, Obama isn’t unique in following the infamous foreign-policy mantra “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” It’s vacuous in the case of the Saudis anyway, because they’re not the enemies of terrorism. They’re Sunnis, they support a radical form of Islam even within that sect, and they’d support ISIS in a minute over those Iranian Shi’ite devils. We have few friends among governments in the Middle East, but Saudi Arabia isn’t one of them, and to believe the Saudis are enemies of our enemies just means Obama is naïve at best, but probably stupid. If Clinton wants to continue that stupidity, we’re in big trouble.

This year, fifteen years after 9/11, we read those nearly 3000 names once again, but Congress finally provided 9/11 families and friends some possibility of closure, a path to holding the true culprits, the Saudis, accountable. Bin Laden and al Qaeda were tools the Saudis forged, murdering fanatics steeped in that radical and violent form of Islam known as Wahhabism, fanatics who learned their hatred in the religious schools supported by the Saudi royal family.  That large family of parasites pretends to be the guardians of the faith while controlling the shrines of Islam (and allowing many of the faithful to die there in numerous incidents, I might add), but Shi’ites should always be looking over their shoulders when they go there.

The Saudis have also dominated OPEC for decades and mismanaged it to boot, driving up prices to make the quick dollar only to see the competition increasing in response, so they aren’t even good businesspeople, just greedy.  Their treatment of women is something from the 6th century, not as bad as ISIS and the Taliban, but that’s not saying much of anything positive.  Their attacks on Yemeni Shi’ites (using U.S. weaponry, I might add) show that they harbor murderous inclinations and prove they’re a destabilizing influence, if their support of terrorism isn’t enough to do that for you.  They are a paranoid group of greedy sociopaths and hypocrites with respect to the true meaning of the Koran.  No Western politician should give the time of day.  To think they are actually using Western arms against the Yemeni is disgusting.

These tests—one for Obama and one for Congress if he vetoes—will hopefully result in a favorable outcome for the 9/11 families.  Whatever their actions after that, that mere outcome would be a justifiable slap in the face to the Saudis at least. There’s another related test coming up too: will we allow the Saudis to buy that Houston refinery? I’m aghast that any American is even considering that. How much of America does the royal family own anyway?  I hope a day of reckoning is approaching, a day when we recognize that with “friends” like the Saudis, America has all the enemies it needs.

[Note: I’ll consider Obama’s test #2 next week!]

And so it goes…


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