Movie Reviews #51…

It, Chapter One. Andy Muschietti, dir. I didn’t like It. I’m not scared of clowns—in fact, the horrors of real life are more frightening for me, not those created in horror stories and movies. This is a juvenile story with horror-gore and special effects added that just doesn’t resonate with me, so I can’t understand all the hubbub.

Stephen King is often called the master of horror. His best book is On Writing, if you can get past the memoir part at the beginning. In his chosen genre, he’s at his best when he finds the horror in everyday things, like Misery. For the creepy, horrible monster stuff, though, he’s become formulaic. This film, just one chapter of his story, is more like The Goonies on steroids. It’s more violent and gory, but—ho-hum—it all gets old and boring very fast. Where’s Dean Koontz when you need him?

I’ll admit that the kid actors, especially Jaeden Lieberker as Bill Denbraugh, are great. Bill Skarsgard, who plays the clown Pennywise, overacts, though. The other “adults” are OK, but why are the parents in that old Maine town of Derry all psychos? (By the way, the movie was filmed near Toronto, not in Maine.) The clown at least has an excuse—he’s the monster-in-residence. And is the creepy pharmacist supposed to be King himself? If I heard correctly, the girl calls him Mr. King.

I lost interest about halfway through this movie. Droll, very droll. I guess the crowds were looking for anything that might wake them up from this summer’s lethargy at the box office. Methinks I’ll forego Chapter Two of this duology.


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