Movie Reviews #50…

[First a bow to great science…]

Ode to Cassini

Copyright 2017, Steven M. Moore

Disappearing under Saturn’s robe,

There goes the Cassini probe.

With mechanical courage it took flight

And began its journey into the night.

It nobly pursued the scientists’ quest;

Now it will receive a deserved rest,

Out there among the rings,

Dreaming as only machines can dream.

[And now an ode to QWERTY…]

California Typewriter. Doug Nichol, director. My home state California is a big state with a lot going on, some good, some bad, but who knew it was the typewriter capital of the world? Sort of. This documentary takes its name from ye olde fix-it shoppe in Berkeley where two old guys and one guy’s daughters give typewriters new life. But it’s really about a bunch of old men obsessed with typewriters (OK, there are a few young ones and some old and young women too). Notable among them you’ll find Tom Hanks and John Mayer. John and the sculptor, Jeremy Mayer (no relation, I presume), who makes sculptures out of old typewriter parts (he destroys them instead of fixing them), offer the most profound statements, though. The film is really about writing and the technology’s advance. It kept me riveted as much as a Hollywood blockbuster. It could do the same for you, especially if you’re nostalgic about these machines. It’s not just for nerdy writers and people with their OCD disorders directed at typewriters, though. And it’s a welcome respite from a rather dreary Hollywood summer of throw-away movies.


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In libris libertas…

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