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To all readers and writers…

I spend time communicating with readers and writers around the world about all sorts of things.  I have this luxury because I’m a full-time writer.  Here’s a list of ways to reach me.  Don’t be shy.  I enjoy your questions and comments.  There are several ways to contact me:

From This Website…

…you have two options: The most personal (that is, less public) is to use good old-fashioned email. The more public (in the sense that I probably will publish it) is to write comments to blog posts. Beware!  I use spam filters in both cases and heavily censor commercial messages from web-traveling salespeople.

For emails, you can use the contact webpage – your return email will never be divulged. Moreover, I don’t keep lists in order to bombard you with stuff later.  (I do maintain a list of people who have subscribed to my email newsletter. That list is carefully guarded on backup memory sticks.)  If you have emailed me and have not yet received a reply, it’s because I need an assistant, not because I’m ignoring you. Be patient.  I try to respond to all reasonable emails—if you take the time to write, I figure I should make time to reply. Please, never send attachments unless I’ve previously OK’d them—I won’t even open your email if there is an unsolicited attachment.

Your comments to blog posts are always welcome, but please keep them clean. I accept that a reader might disagree with me, but I don’t accept foul language. A handle or email address is required – corporate names look like spam and are treated that way. I also might censor you if you just say “good post” or “bad post” in so many words—this doesn’t help anyone understand your opinion, and all the back pats or stabs won’t help my sore back.

Social Networking

I’m a member of LinkedIn and GoodReads.  I’m not on Twitter, but I’m active on Facebook. I also have an author’s page on Amazon, Facebook, and Goodreads.  I update this website and all those often so that readers can follow new book releases and other news.


You to Me: I review for Book Pleasures and on my own, the latter only for books I’ve read for R&R and like well enough to review.  Do NOT query me via email (contact page or otherwise). If you are an author who wants a review, you should send your request to Book Pleasures, not to me directly, because there will be other reviewers there that might also be interested in your work. I repost most of my reviews done for Book Pleasures in the blog category “Book Reviews” and/or on Amazon at the book’s webpage, but only at the author’s request. Fair warning: Book Pleasures reviewers do NOT guarantee a positive review.

Reviews of books I read for R&R and not for Book Pleasures will appear in the “Book Review” or “Mini-Reviews of Books” sections of my blog–they’re generally not so complete as my Book Pleasures reviews…and they’ll be posted only if I find some positive things about your book.

Me to You: Going the other way, if you would like to write an honest and non-trivial review of one of my books, go to the contact webpage and send me an email query for a free copy. I can gift you, the reviewer, the ebook for review through Amazon’s WhisperNet–that’s the most convenient for me–so I need your email.  Other ebook formats are possible via Smashwords coupons.  Trade paperbacks (print versions), when available, are a bit more difficult because we have to rely on snail-mail, which is slow…and I or my publisher have to pay the postage!


You to Me: If you are an author, agent, editor, or publisher, and would like to have an interview appear here in the blog category “Interviews,” shoot an email to me with a brief bio.  (I tend not to accept people offering services or products–fair warning!)  I’ll return a list of questions with instructions (adjust your spam filter accordingly).  You don’t have to answer them all (but enough to be interesting) and can add some of your own–I’ll decide if they’re appropriate.

Me to You: If you are interested in interviewing me for a blog or some other publication, just drop me an email using my contact page.  I’ll try to fit you in.  It helps to have a list of questions and/or suggested topics.  It also helps if these questions are included in the email because I’m leery of attachments.  I don’t do live interviews, not even for money.

Check out my interviews on other sites for a glimpse at what makes me tick:

interview by Black Heart Magazine

interview by Kitty Jones

interview by J. B. Garner

interview by Feathered Quill Book Reviews


My blog is where I write op-eds commenting on reading, writing,  and the writing business, but you will also find short stories, book and movie reviews, and interviews. It’s all information you can use.

Me to You: If you are a blogger and would like me to make a guest post to your blog, drop me an email stating the blog info, what you might be looking for, and your rules for submission.

You to Me: Or, if you would like to make a guest post to my blog, just shoot me an email with the proposed post as part of the email text, not an attachment.

Like a particular blog post?  Use it or repost it or call me your guest blogger, but give me credit.  Credit for the post and links back to this website are the only suggested payment.

The Business of Writing

Have questions about writing? This website might not be your best choice, but check out my blog category “Writing”—I might serve up some unconventional ideas and opinions you won’t find elsewhere. Some writing topics are also mentioned in a few of my book reviews.

Course on writing fiction.  You will also find archived in that “Writing” category my course on writing fiction (newly revised, by the way).  Or, I’ll send you a PDF of the compiled lessons (query using the contact page). I’ve written a lot of fiction, and I have something to say about how to do it, but my opinions can be a bit contrary to popular wisdom at times.  Check it out.  It’s designed to complement King’s On Writing, the part that’s not a memoir, which is about as up-to-date as a T-Rex skeleton.

And don’t miss “News and Notices from the Writing Trenches,” my online newsletter that often contains irreverent and acerbic comments about the writing business or news about my own writing.  Look for it.

Newsletter via email? You can also sign up for that. Just send me an email via my contact page with the subject “Subscribe,” and I’ll add you to the list (I’ll never divulge your email to third parties). I won’t deny there will be some duplicate information between the above newsletter and the email one, but you’ll often get the news first via email. The email newsletter probably won’t contain as much industry news, though, so it will probably be more sporadic. Think about it. You can always unsubscribe.

Some useful websites (links come and go–if your choice of links has disappeared, please Google):

Carrick Publishing (editing and formatting)

Sara Carrick–Illustration and Design (book covers)

Penmore Press (small press)

Book Buzz (book promos)

monkeyCmedia (website gurus)

Jeniffer Thompson–Smart Publishing for Smart Authors (marketing)

Smashwords (the ebook alternative to Amazon)

Bookpleasures (review site)

Barbara McNichol (improving your writing)

Deb Riley-Magnus (improving your PR and marketing)

Bobbie Christmas (improving your writing)

Marcy Kennedy (improving your writing)

Jameson whiskey (a taste of Eire)

The Scary Reviews (site discussing scary fiction)

Bushmills whiskey (another taste of Eire)

Guinness beer (the traditional Irish beer)

Hanna Hats (good wool hats from Ireland)

Lectures, Book Clubs, Reading Groups, etc.

To get a flavor of my talks, here’s a YouTube link.

I find all of the above more interesting than book signings. For the latter, the reader plays a secondary role to the host bookstore and the writer. The writer doesn’t really get to know his readers and their opinions. In lectures to small groups with Q&A time, there is more reader-writer interchange. Book clubs and reading groups, on the other hand, are even more reader-oriented. In all of the above, the participants either are reading or have read one or more of the author’s books. They have opinions and questions about that reading that I love to hear.

Consequently, if you want a lecture with a Q&A session on something relating to my writing or the business of writing in general, or if you’re in a book club or a reading group and want a sit-down discussion session, contact me via email with details and I’ll see if I can set something up. “With details” means approximate location (never divulge anything like specific personal information in a first email), how many might be attending (I prefer smallish groups), the proposed time of the meeting, which books or topics your group might want to discuss, and, of course, a return email address.

Of course, I reserve the right to decline your invitation. Some locations might be off limits, for example. Topics that are definitely off limits include: witchcraft, astrology, vampires, werewolves, romance, porn, sexual deviancy, abortion, alternative lifestyles, pseudo-science, politics, and religion. Although I might be interested in or even have strong opinions on some of these topics (see my blog) or they might arise naturally in a discussion, I believe that they shouldn’t be the focus of the discussion.

Book club freebies!  If you’re trying to decide whether one of my books in my catalog is appropriate for your book club, query me via my contact page with the name of the club and I’ll send you a freebie for your perusal.  If you’re in a small enough book club, I can even provide free ebooks.  I require an email list of your members so I can use Amazon’s WhisperNet to send each one the book.  That list will be deleted as soon as I confirm each member has her or his copy (I respect people’s privacy).

And your group will receive some free publicity because I’ll announce the event on my home page!

“Press Kits”

I don’t provide press kits per se.  However, a PDF file is available for the asking.  You can use this file for any of the activities mentioned above.  A PDF file containing potential interview questions is also available.  (These files, of course, will be sent as attachments to an email.  Converse with your spam filter accordingly.)

In libris libertas!