Irish Stew #57…


Let’s go to war! Cyber warfare, of course. Maybe Obama actually said to Putin, “We can do stuff to you,” but he’s been like a turtle swimming in molasses with his actions against the Russian despot. And it’s not just Putin’s hackers. We should declare cyber warfare against all hackers. The bozos who stole more than 1 billion plus users’ info from Yahoo (obviously not just U.S. users are represented) and are selling it on the dark web should be tracked down and thrown in jail. Edward Snowden should be kidnapped in Russia and brought back to a firing squad. X Manning (I don’t know what to call her/him, so I’ll use X) should join him.

Screwing around with idle threats, Mr. President, will not clean up the internet. Stop this now, or it will only get worse. If it comes to turning power plants off or creating run-away nuclear facilities or crashing multiple commercial planes, it’s too late. Let’s get NATO involved too, because this war is international and Europe is threatened, although they might be too complacent to realize it.

What’s interesting here is that the GOP, with some big name politicos (Nixon and Reagan in particular) making their name as ardent anti-communists, weren’t quick to denounce Putin’s cyberattacks. Their nominal leader, President-Elect Trump, seems to be in Putin’s pocket, so other GOP leaders, reveling in the fact that the attacks favored their candidate, haven’t exactly been outspoken against the Russian devil.

What’s going on? I have my theories (see tomorrow’s post), but Ronald Reagan must be turning over in his grave. Will we “win” the Cold War only to succumb to Putin and the Russian fascistic oligarchy he commands? Time will tell.


Are we forgetting something? As nefarious as Putin is (of course he told the Russian hackers to do that job!), let’s not forget what they exposed. Putin’s cyber commandos showed that the whole DNC is corrupt. Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign at the start of the Dems’ convention. Yeah, that hurt HRC. She deserved it. HRC, her campaign committee members, and the DNC leadership, for whatever reasons, became sleaze-balls who are the ones responsible for losing the election. Unfortunately, Wasserman Schultz was re-elected in Florida. I’ve lost all respect for her and her replacement, Donna Brazil.

Whining. HRC and cohorts have become a bit pathetic, pointing fingers at everyone but themselves. HRC in a speech stated it’s all Putin’s and Comey’s fault she lost.  Huh?  As stated above, too many people are forgetting what the Russian hackers exposed, but blaming Comey for her mishandling of emails, something which should have disqualified her as a candidate to begin with, is also the epitome of sophistic distraction.

What about all the dirty tricks played against Sanders? The rigged coin tosses in Iowa, Harry Reid telling union leaders to make their troops support Clinton after Sanders extols his virtues (?), Billy Boy at the voting poll booths, Billy Boy engineering deals in the background, and so forth. The irony is that Sanders would have beat Trump, so, instead of whining, the Dems better do some soul-searching and clean up their act.


De Blasio fined $48K. And here’s another Dem on our local scene who’s shown himself to be a sleazy opportunist. They took their time, but some campaign finance watchdog has fined the opportunistic mayor of NYC (he didn’t support HRC until he thought she was a shoo-in) for mishandling campaign funds. Petty stuff, like $500+ for he and his family’s makeup to celebrate his win, and so forth, but misuse of funds nonetheless. Tip of the iceberg? This fine doesn’t count the questionable practices used to try to get more Dem state legislators elected (upstate New York is Trump Land, after all) who would be favorable to spending more state tax dollars on De Blasio’s questionable NYC programs, some of them so idiotic that you want to slash your wrists (getting rid of carriage horses and replacing them with electric carts, for example). I’m yearning for Bloomberg, who was basically an independent (and probably one of the few good guys remaining on Wall Street).

Pop Culture

Rogue One. The last Star Wars movie was a pathetic quasi-replay of the very first movie. This fantasy-filled series has been called sci-fi, but anything with princesses, knights, and good and bad magic belongs in Disney’s Fantasyland (OMG, that’s where it is, of course, because Disney now owns the franchise!). Now we’re going to be beat over the heads with another movie that will waste two hours of our time. Why this Harry Potter in a galaxy far, far away is popular is beyond me.  Kids love it—the movies are just modern fairy tales. I’m more worried about the adults. Please go see some real sci-fi.  Blade Runner and Alien are two of the best, but anything based on a Phillip K. Dick story is generally good.  Elysium, Avatar, and Arrival aren’t bad either. Even Star Trek #whatever is better than a Star Wars movie.

Christamas wish.  All I want for Christmas is Santa’s total destruction of car commercials that pretend cars make good Christmas gifts. Who gives a car for Christmas anyway? OK, one-percenters, maybe—a lot of the commercials (Mercedes, Lexus, Lincoln, Cadillac) are for very expensive cars and show rich white parents with one kid filling out the kid’s wish list. Ho-ho-ho-hum. Then you have Chevy, Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota showing their conception of America’s diversity where middle class people in crappy jobs and struggling to pay their groceries, rents or mortgages, and utilities wishing Santa would bring them a new car to replace the old one that they’re trying to keep going for another year. Makes me want to burn down all the ad agencies in New York because they think this crap is clever.


Family Affairs.  Speaking of New York, this novel is all about family—Castilblanco’s nieces, adopted families, a terrorist’s family, and broken families. You also might think twice about taking an ocean cruise again. #6 in the “Detectives Chen and Castilblanco Series” will provide you enough mystery, suspense, and thrills to get you through the end of 2016 and all of 2017.  Given the above, you might need some distraction.

And so it goes…

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