Idealogues, young and old…

Secretary Hillary Clinton’s grilling by the Senate committee is more evidence that Congress has become a brothel where members prostitute themselves to ideological America.  While Dem leadership (Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Reid) also makes a habit of doing this, the GOP senators hounding the secretary had no desire to discover the truth—they only wanted to score points in order to make themselves more attractive to their paying customers, the ultra-conservative rich elites who give billions to Super PACs whose aim is to return us to medieval feudalism, a world with no middle class, only the rich nobility and poor peons.  Ultra-conservatives, in fact, hate the Clintons as well as Mr. Obama, are bitter for losing twice to both Billy and Barack, and will never admit or understand that their brand of government doesn’t resonate with anyone except Limbaugh and the pundits of Fox News.

Let’s begin with Mr. McCain, a living example of why term and age limits are needed.  This bitter old man, twice a presidential loser, first to Dubya and then to Obama, exudes vitriol like he has sulfuric acid for breakfast.  He speaks, and it’s not hard to imagine that fire and brimstone flows from his parched lips.  He doesn’t like anyone, not even his own party—choosing Mama Bear Palin as his running mate is evidence for the latter.  (Fox News, apparently, has more sense—they didn’t renew her contract.)  If you disagree with McCain, he comes out swinging.  He even comes out swinging if he perceives an attack, real or virtual.

His criticism of Mrs. Clinton?  “If the classified information [about Benghazi] was included, we’d have a different picture.”  Excuse me, Johnny boy!  Information is classified because it has been determined that making it public is prejudicial to the nation’s security.  Over-classification issues aside (they definitely exist), you don’t go handing info out to just anyone, especially people who are not trustworthy.  And you, Mr. McCain, in your doddering senility, just aren’t trustworthy!  You’ve proven it time and time again.

Of course, the lobbyist pimps and their rich elitist clients prefer the young senators and representatives.  The former know the latter will be around a long time because of many factors.  Senators from red states or blue states are basically there for life.  Representatives from red states or blue states take advantage of their parties’ domination of the local state house to gerrymander districts in such a way that the parties’ finest ideologues have a nice, long stay in Congress too.  Consider the Virginia legislature.  Taking advantage of the fact that a Democratic State Senator was at Mr. Obama’s inauguration, the Republican-dominated legislature gerrymandered the state of Virginia to insure that their Black representation in Congress is minimized.  Are we still fighting the Civil War?

One young senator in particular is a favorite of the far right-wing of the GOP (is there now any other wing?).  Mr. Rand Paul is named after his father’s hero Ayn Rand, who, like Voldemort, came back from the grave to create the conditions for the financial implosion of 2008.  Mr. Paul chastised Mrs. Clinton for not reading the missives from abroad, saying that if he were President, she’d be fired.  While Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Hannity, and the rest of the ultra-conservative cheerleaders might love this and wave their pompoms, there is thankfully no chance in hell that Mr. Paul will become President.  Sure, he can run, and the GOP will have another fiasco just like Barry Goldwater’s campaign—or Mitt Romney’s.

People don’t like extremists.  To the extent that both parties pander to their extremes, they will become irrelevant.  Mr. Paul, of course, is a red-state senator.  I don’t doubt the purity of his ideology, by the way—it’s pure crap!  Libertarian economics, otherwise known as trickle-down bits and crumbs for the middle class and poor, has found its correct place on the trash heap of history.  (Libertarians will argue with me here.  I’m talking about practical domestic policy, not their wet dreams about an unfettered capitalistic system.)

In this blog, I’ve previously discussed the need for term and age limits, for both Congress and the Supreme Court.  The presidency is exempt from this discussion—it has term limits, although it probably needs age limits to eliminate people like Dole and McCain.  Let’s consider here the effect of such limits.  McCain would have been tossed out of the Senate long ago and wouldn’t have beleaguered us with his inept campaign.  Mr. Paul, if he ever learns to control his temper and not act like the spoiled brat he is, might eventually think about a run for the White House, but the term limits would get him too.  Even Hillary would go down to age limits by 2016, maybe—she deserves a rest anyway.

There would, in fact, be a huge turnover in the Senate and the House if we put in term and age limits.  I think this is a good thing.  Are you spoiled by your senator’s or representative’s seniority on committees?  Too bad.  We need fresh thoughts and agile minds, not senile and angry old idiots, or even senile and nice old boys.  Think about it: the people most against term and age limits will be lobbyists and special interests.  That says it all, because the power of these people is the number one problem with this country.  Just look at the NRA.  I’d eliminate the whole seniority structure in Congress and rotate committee membership with each House session (the Senate committees too).  We might actually get something done in Congress that way.

I’ll even suggest that people who run for president or vice president shouldn’t be allowed to keep their congressional seats.  That would have also rid the country of Johnny McCain.  It would have eliminated John Kerry too, who sat around long enough in the Senate to become Secretary of State.  Obama didn’t want him for Defense, although he would bore all our enemies to death, so he received a consolation prize.  He’ll be the grand bore at the international balls.  I don’t like consolation prizes.  Kerry always lived in Ted Kennedy’s shadow, even when the lion of the Senate passed.  He’s a Boston blueblood so far out of touch with the middle class that he competes with McCain in rich real estate (you have to include both their wives’ fortunes).  Maybe he’d be OK as ambassador to England or France (better than the Vogue editor anyway), but for the kingpin determining America’s foreign policy?  Nah…no way!

My bottom line?  Let me propose a new amendment to our Constitution that contains (1) restrictions on the number of successive terms a member of the House or Senate can serve and the number of years a Supreme Court justice can serve; (2) age restrictions for both houses of Congress, the President, Vice-Preseident, and Supreme Court justices; and (3) prohibitions against any presidential or vice-presidential candidate completing his congressional term after losing an election, or being nominated for any cabinet post or the Supreme Court.  Am I crazy?  Yeah, crazy like a fox.  Let’s eliminate the deadwood from American politics!

And so it goes….

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