Holiday Greetings 2017-18!

Happy Holidays to everyone! Take this time to enjoy being with family and friends.  Forget those New Year’s resolutions, but plan what you’d like to accomplish in the New Year and how you’d like to change in your life.

The last is segue to informing you about a change in this blog.

First, I’ll not be posting again until January.  Second, I’m changing both the frequency and content of what I’ll post.  Many of my posts are very time consuming and need a lot of investigative journalism; I’d like to spend more time on fiction writing.  To this end, starting in January, I’ll only make one post per week, something related to reading or writing—maybe a short story, book or movie review, my online newsletter, and so forth.

For loyal followers of this blog, this post might be sad news.  Please understand that I just want to spend more time storytelling.  Maybe it seems like I have a lot of books, but I have a lot more in me.  Remember my muses are really banshees with Tasers…and they’re always after me to get the stories written!

To fill those days when I no longer post, I’d ask readers and writers to consider contributing a post.  Interviews are easy—I can send you a list of questions from which you can make selections, or you can add your own.  If you have something to say about reading, writing, or the writing business, please consider being a guest blogger—just keep it clean.  Your post can even be a short story.  While some of my own short stories have adult themes and language, this website is generally PG-13, so be careful with your short story submissions too.

I’ll be at my laptop most of the time during this festive holiday season—it’s a good time to write when not celebrating—and you can always email me using my contact page.  So, until January, good reading!  And be warm and safe….


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In libris libertas!


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