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For readers…

Freebies? Only review copies are free in return for an honest review (supplies are limited). Sometimes my books are available on Net Galley, so reviewers can also download there.  But there are sales where my books are discounted. Ebooks should be less expensive than print versions, and mine are.  All my books are reasonably priced.

Borrowing my ebooks?  Smashwords offers various ways for borrowing my ebooks–visit that site for options.  Online sites are rarely free, but they tend to cost less.

Reviews of other authors’ books can be found in the blog categories “Book Reviews” and “Mini-Reviews,” and at Book Pleasures, where I’m an active reviewer.

I also write movie reviews–they tend to be about unusual movies or unconventional opinions about blockbusters.  See the “Movie Reviews” blog category.

Interviews can be found in the blog category “Interviews.” Some of them correspond to characters from my books, so they provide insight into those books.

For writers…

Comments on the writing trade can be found in the blog category “Writing” and in some of my reviews (they often critique various aspects of the writing art). Also, my little course on fiction writing is a PDF that’s free for the asking (query me via my contact page).

For readers AND writers…

A free email newsletter is available. There is some overlap with the online newsletter indicated below, but it’s more focused toward readers. Sign up by using the contact page. I will never divulge your email because I respect your privacy.

The online newsletter “News and Notices from the Writing Trenches” generally comes out fairly often…watch for it.  It often features news about the writing business of interest to readers and writers, and info useful to readers, including news about my new books and sales of old ones, but there are short op-eds on various writing topics too. Please note that you cannot subscribe to this newsletter, only the email version.

Here’s a list of free PDFs available for the asking:

“Escape from Earth” (free sci-fi novella)

“Portal in the Pines” (free sci-fi novella)

“Your Past Will Find You” (free crime novella)

“The Whistleblower” (free crime/thriller novella)

“Mayhem, Murder, and Music” (free collection of short crime stories)

“Crime, Mystery, and Thrills” (free short story collection)

“Dreams of Revenge” (free crime/thriller novella–a Chen and Castilblanco story)

“Writing Fiction” (free short course)

“‘Future History’ Timeline” (free information tool for readers who want to connect up many of my books by placing them on a fictitious timeline)

“Two Articles for Readers of Rembrandt’s Angel”–for readers who want to know more about how I wrote my new novel.

All these PDFs are free for the asking. List the titles you want and query me using the contact page. I’ll send you what you request and then erase your email address. I respect your privacy. (Availability can change with the story collection and novellas because they might be published elsewhere.)

Email discussions. I’m happy to discuss books (especially mine) with readers or particular writing details and worries with most any writer.  I have many reading and writing friends, and we do that all the time.  Fantasy, romance, and erotica novels (those genres are often combined) aren’t my forte, though, simply because I don’t know anything about writing that stuff!  In general, if your preferred genre(s) is (are) beyond my expertise, or I just don’t have any opinions about it (them), I’ll tell you so, so go ahead and email me.  And, of course, you might catch me at a bad time, so be patient…I’ll respond one way or the other when I can.  (I do the best I can.  I don’t have a secretary.)

Again, I don’t collect email addresses for promo purposes, unlike many authors.  I respect your privacy.  But, if we have an interesting email thread going, I’m happy to continue it. (One of those became a series on Bookpleasures!)

And writers, please do NOT ask me to review or edit your manuscript, even if you’re writing in my genres.  There are plenty of professionals who will do that for you–and probably do a better job of it (my editing algorithms are top secret but highly personalized–I know where I mess up, so they’re designed to correct my bad habits, not yours).

You can also find critique groups (you’re forewarned that people there might try to make you write like them, i.e. destroy your own voice) and other groups that discuss various writing topics all over the internet, of course.

For lawyers and agents…

In general, material at this website has the copyright indicated at the bottom of each webpage.  Free distribution rights are granted if suitable acknowledgement is made.  Reviews made under the auspices of Bookpleasures require, in addition, approval from Bookpleasures.

All reviews, interviews, comments to blog posts, and emails written by me become my sole property and cannot be returned or acknowledged in any manner other than indicated on this website. That goes for other people’s too–please give credit where credit is due.

Many of my books are only available as ebooks (I’m working with one of my publishers, Carrick Publishing, to change that–please be patient). Publishing companies and/or agents, especially those looking for foreign and movie rights to individual books or a complete series (“The Clones and Mutants Trilogy” and “The Chaos Chronicles Trilogy” are complete, at least for now), should contact me directly. 

and to help me…

You, the reader or writer, are encouraged to correct any errors or oversights on this website or in a blog post with a comment or an email (no attachments, please).  Remember that much of the material at this website is free, including the blog posts.  If you want to support me in this endeavor, please buy, read, and review some of my books!  In fact, you don’t have to read much of anything here–I’d be happy to have you just as a reader of my stories.  I try to entertain everyone!


Sales.  These are now rare and feature only selected books. (All my books, even the oldest, are current and still entertaining.) Future sales will be restricted to Smashwords (or those promoted by Penmore Press). The first will be announced at the bottom of blog posts, in my newsletter “News and Notices from the Writing Trenches,” and social media where I can (I prefer Goodreads). (I can’t afford to advertise them beyond that.) You will need the Smashwords coupon code. Take the trouble to peek at the blog posts to find that info and you’ll save a bit. (There will be no more Kindle Countdown Deals because my ebooks are no longer exclusive to Amazon.)

Alpha and Omega.  This isn’t a true contest either, but it ties in with the above.  Did you graduate from Mt. Whitney High School (Visalia, CA) in 1964?  Did you graduate from U. Massachusetts (Amherst, MA) in 1985?  The first ten who respond in each category will receive one free ebook from my catalog—your choice.  To participate, drop me an email ( or use the contact page), indicate your desired title, and answer one of the following questions:

Mt. Whitney graduate: 1) In what stadium were football games played?  (2) Who was the band and orchestra director when you went there?  (3) Who was the faculty advisor and what was the name of the writing club at Mt. Whitney?

UMass graduate: 1) What’s the name of the old science building on the main drag and in front of the Student Center?  2) What building had the bad habit of losing bricks?  3) How much did the PVTA bus charge to go from the art center to downtown Amherst during the school year?

This is a permanent promotion until ten readers in each category have responded.  If you wish, you can choose a future release.  If you’re in both categories, I’ll give you two ebooks of your choice, of course (this is highly unlikely, but certainly possible, because I’m in that category!).  Otherwise, one ebook per reader, please.

Watch this page for future contests and promotions.

Read, read, read…reading is the least expensive entertainment you can find (outside of things unmentionable on a PG-13 website). Reading books can inform you, even when reading fiction, where the interwoven themes often are current. Support your favorite authors and look for new ones–the latter is like panning for gold (I did that in Alaska–it’s fun too).