Corporate atrocities…

Americans are under attack by corporations every day and from many different directions. Are you tired of those “Do Not Call” lists not working and being bombarded by local and national shysters? We all know about the abuses of Wall Street from 2008-2009; these continue—banks with egregious charges, financial investment firms with hidden fees and charges, exploitative loans, and worse. Communication giants like AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, and others add their hidden fees and charges too (Verizon, for example, has data plans of 1 gig, 3 gigs, etc—what happened to 2 gigs?); now they can also sell our browsing histories, thanks to President Trump, although data-mining firms started collecting our personal info long ago, and I suspect that any wireless (Blue Tooth) product is sending your usage info to that company. Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are so big they think they can do whatever they want with consumers, but we do it to ourselves by using their infamous clouds.

Corporate atrocities can be hidden internally too, and employees suffer. The recent case of Wells Fargo showed the extent that a corporation will go to in order to make a buck, and they were already involved in the loan scandals of 2008-2009. Whistleblowers aren’t protected at all—if an employee blows the whistle, s/he’s toast, and forget about approaching your HR rep because every corporate HR is working for the corporation and its stockholders, not you.

The atrocities can carry over to the environment. Mr. Trump AKA Narcissus le Grand AKA Il Duce seems bent on destroying the planet for future generations as his removal of corporate regs allows polluting and destructive corporations to run amok. His recent gift to the coal mining industry is just one example—let’s keep our status as the most polluting nation in the world. His goal is to make America great again? That’s a laugh. Maybe he’s planning a future business that will sell gas masks and biohazard suits?

The recent United Airlines flap—forcibly removing a doctor from his assigned seat on a Chicago-to-Liousville flight—shouldn’t be surprising either. Airlines, one of the greatest corporate exploiters in the history of our country, pretty much treat their customers like cattle on the way to the slaughterhouse, barely catering even to their first-class passengers. Seat room has shrunken so fast that only elves from the Black Forest can be comfortable in coach, baggage fees have skyrocketed even as more and more luggage is lost, and you’re lucky to get a glass of water from a scowling flight attendant who thinks you’re dirt and is ready to boot you off the plane at the slightest complaint. Add to that the terrible and abusive treatment by uncouth TSA employees and check-in attendants, readers will understand why I avoid flying.

Americans have forgotten how to pressure abusive corporations. It’s called a boycott, folks! You don’t have to take their abuse and suffer their atrocious behavior. In the case of United Airlines, hit’em where it hurts—don’t fly with the SOBs. For airlines in general, write your congressional representatives demanding that they prohibit overbooking flights, increase fines for lost luggage and takeoff and landing delays, and force them to provide adequate seating space.

The treatment by United Airlines was doubly unconscionable: first, the flight wasn’t even overbooked; second, the UA crew showed up after passengers had boarded—it’s against the law to remove passengers after that unless they’re acting badly. In another incident involving UA, a drunk passenger was allowed on (against the law again), was put into an aisle seat, and who proceeded to sexually harass the woman in the middle seat—the flight attendants continued to serve him liquor. In another incident on American Airlines, an irate male flight attendant almost clobbered a baby with a stroller—he has been suspended, although his union wants the passenger who defended the baby’s mother to be arrested on federal charges.

I don’t remember the airline, but the confrontation with a drunk happened to me on a business trip once—he stood up in the aisle and demanded more liquor and cigarettes, so I helped the flight attendants restrain him. He shouldn’t have even been allowed on board because he reeked. I’m sure other flyers have many other stories—they’re not unusual and far too common. And first class is often the worst place to sit for rowdy and drunk SOBs.

These kind of corporate atrocities should not be tolerated. Of course, the GOP members of Congress, in collusion with the current president and his minions, wouldn’t agree—they’re all for abusing customers if it will make more money for corporations, especially when they’re stockholders. Capitalism without control—in other words, unregulated corporations—can only lead to more atrocities like the ones already mentioned.

Remember this when you vote in 2018! It’s time for a consumer revolution against the abuses of Corporate America. If we don’t stop them, conditions will only get worse because they’re driven by greed and don’t pay any attention to quality of service of customers or the environment. We need to force companies to be good citizens—they won’t do it on their own. They need to treat their customers with dignity and provide good services, not spying and brazen physical attacks.

By ending the current GOP-corporate nexus in 2018, consumers will benefit. We’ll be doing a service to our environment too. Maybe we can even force corporate boardrooms and stockholders to be a bit more human, a seemingly impossible task in today’s political and business environment. Revolution comes in many forms. It’s time for consumers to revolt!


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2 Responses to “Corporate atrocities…”

  1. Scott Dyson Says:

    I wish I lived in a state which didn’t already have two Democrat senators so I could be a very small part of evening things out in Congress. As it is, my area has physicist Bill Foster (a dem) as our Congresscritter, and the state replaced moderate republican Mark Kirk with moderate democrat Tammy Duckworth. So I have very little say in what happens in 2018. But, like in past administrations, we need to switch the political affiliation of Congress so they quit acting like bulls in china shops.

    As an aside, I’ve been watching DESIGNATED SURVIVOR because my kids are into it, and it’s almost funny how much of the stuff reminds me of what’s going on in real life.

  2. Steven M. Moore Says:

    It’s weird how the stock market works. Trump says he’ll cut 35% to 15% (written to help him too, of course), and they dance jigs with no concerns about how that will affect government programs and those who consume their products. And yet these anti-human corporations are now treated just like ordinary people…or better?
    If any of your reps are up for election in 2018, make sure they win. You can bet GOP funds will be coming in to unseat any incumbent.
    House of Cards might be nearer to what’s going on.