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Can you afford Trump’s tax reform?

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Like many rich people, our president doesn’t mind spending money as long as it isn’t his. In the case of his proposed tax reform, he’s willing to steal from the middle class in a nefarious campaign to enrich his friends and destroy your future. Moreover, he’s also happy to waste money as long as you foot the bill.

Let’s start with the security for Trump Tower in NYC where the wife hangs out with the kid while he goes prancing around the country to faux campaign stops designed to bolster his already infinite ego. That security costs millions, and most of the bill due NYPD hasn’t been paid. The family will soon join Il Duce in either the White House or Mar-a-Lago. I guess we’ll have to call Trump a snow-vulture as opposed to snowbird as he flits back and forth between his properties. He even thinks the people’s house, the White House, is his own special property as he redecorates in a style reminiscent of a mafia mansion. Counting travel costs between NYC, DC, and Florida, and more security at Mar-a-Lago and other Trump properties, your money might as well be flushed down one of the golden toilets at his estates. In addition, he makes money off you too, because the State Department’s website advertises for free the sumptuousness of Mar-a-Lago and he has doubled the membership fee as a result.

Now let’s turn to those Executive Orders. The first, an anti-Muslim edict that couldn’t pass constitutional muster, was replaced by Version 2.0, which was also declared to be unconstitutional. Narcissus le Grand vows to fight that all the way to SCOTUS, with you paying all the legal bills, of course, because the case is a squabble between the Supreme Court and a lower court, i.e. all government.


Corporate atrocities…

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Americans are under attack by corporations every day and from many different directions. Are you tired of those “Do Not Call” lists not working and being bombarded by local and national shysters? We all know about the abuses of Wall Street from 2008-2009; these continue—banks with egregious charges, financial investment firms with hidden fees and charges, exploitative loans, and worse. Communication giants like AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, and others add their hidden fees and charges too (Verizon, for example, has data plans of 1 gig, 3 gigs, etc—what happened to 2 gigs?); now they can also sell our browsing histories, thanks to President Trump, although data-mining firms started collecting our personal info long ago, and I suspect that any wireless (Blue Tooth) product is sending your usage info to that company. Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are so big they think they can do whatever they want with consumers, but we do it to ourselves by using their infamous clouds.

Corporate atrocities can be hidden internally too, and employees suffer. The recent case of Wells Fargo showed the extent that a corporation will go to in order to make a buck, and they were already involved in the loan scandals of 2008-2009. Whistleblowers aren’t protected at all—if an employee blows the whistle, s/he’s toast, and forget about approaching your HR rep because every corporate HR is working for the corporation and its stockholders, not you.

The atrocities can carry over to the environment. Mr. Trump AKA Narcissus le Grand AKA Il Duce seems bent on destroying the planet for future generations as his removal of corporate regs allows polluting and destructive corporations to run amok. His recent gift to the coal mining industry is just one example—let’s keep our status as the most polluting nation in the world. His goal is to make America great again? That’s a laugh. Maybe he’s planning a future business that will sell gas masks and biohazard suits?


Post-mortem of a speech to Congress…

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

In some dilating time machine or Mr. Trump’s parallel universe, ages have passed since he gave that speech to Congress. In real life, it was only a week ago—can you believe it? Everything he said is meaningless now, so dissecting that rambling rhetoric of a delusional man is anti-climactic. But let’s do it anyway because the president left the Twitter-sphere long enough to sound presidential and hide his narcissistic psychosis.

It’s curious that the media, after the president declared them to be the “enemy of the American people,” fell all over themselves to state that his “state of the union” (read: state of Trump’s parellel universe, that one that circulates among the dark energy and matter of his mind) set a new tone. Il Duce was even called presidential because he sounded presidential. But not for me—he’s not my president! He never will be my president, and isn’t the president of a majority of the American people.

What I heard was empty rhetoric reminiscent of Goebbels’s 1930’s propaganda in Germany—in other words, fascistic spin and appeal to populism playing on the fears of good Americans. His handlers, Bannon, Conway, and Miller, who take turns at the puppet strings—yes, he’s a marionette, even stringing himself along—carefully planned this atrocious display. If it was some crazy attempt to reach across the aisle, Dems won’t buy the snake oil from this charlatan, and didn’t—the thumbs-down from the Dem women in white were refreshing and evidence for their general mood—Trump the misogynist is women’s rights worst enemy. Narcissus the Wonderful shows no concern about women’s issues—we know he sees them only as objects—and on abortion, he’s as much a right-wing bigot as they come.

Let’s consider a few points. On trade, Trump might have sounded a wee bit like Sanders. There’s a huuuuge difference, though. Both men were born in Brooklyn, but the two are light years apart—Trump might actually live in one of those other multiverses where his marionette strings are tangled with those of general string theory. In particular, where Bernie was an earnest and honest champion for the working class, Il Duce doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about their plight—it’s all just show. He follows the time-tested fascist strategy of pretending to do so, of course—that’s how Franco, Hitler, and Mussolini came to power in the 1930s! U.S. workers should be wary about buying anything from this snake-oil salesman. Pay attention to his false promises at your own risk!


Does Trump have a human side?

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Or his cronies and supporters, for that matter? Compassion and human kindness seem to be absent as the ogres lash out at all their perceived enemies. During the long campaign, I guessed he and like-minded individuals were lacking in these qualities, but I never guessed it could be so bad, and there’s every indication that it will become worse as parallels with 1930’s Germany continue to increase. One Facebook friend likened his takeover of the government to this generation’s Pearl Harbor. That attack was about war, so maybe my friend has a point: we’re in a social war as we fight to save the soul of America. Right now he’s taking us straight to a hell of his own creation. Let’s consider the evidence for answering the question of the title in the negative.

A pig farmer in a town hall meeting with Sen. Charles Grassley, who like many has been in the Senate far too long, pointed out that old Chuck had spoken of death panels in his criticism of Obamacare. The farmer went on to say that the GOP was going to create death panels AKA Congress and insurance VIPs denying coverage to millions, all across the entire country, and not just for the elderly, if Trump gets his way and kills Obamacare. Indictment number one: Trump, Grassley, and others of their ilk don’t care who dies, as long as the healthcare industry is a money maker for insurance companies and Big Pharma. Although at times Trump almost sounds like a fan of Medicare for all—hence his lies to Florida retirees about preserving Medicare and Social Security in order to gain their votes—all evidence indicates that he’d just as soon not waste money on sick people. Maybe he wouldn’t pull the plug on his own family members, but I suspect that complete strangers who are sick are just hunks of rotting meat to him.


Fake news and misleading stats…

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Hmm…LinkedIn? Now that Microsoft owns them, you have to wonder what they’re using that website for beyond ads. They’re certainly discouraging discussion groups, my favorite feature, but for what reason? Maybe they realize they can’t compete with Google or Facebook—the former makes a major portion of its profit from ads, although Google+ is weak compared to both in discussions, and the latter is trying to catch up with the ads but lights up with discussions.

They all have fake news. Should we also call misleading stats that appear on all of these fake news? Stats are rarely “clean.” First, authors of articles using them often leave out the hypotheses and description of how the dataset was collected and processed. Second, they often jump to conclusions based on biased sampling techniques. Third, the author of the article can choose, and often does, only those stats that support her or his opinion. It’s all a bit like the Bible: you can find stuff there that will support any position if you look for it.

Yep, many articles quoting stats are fake news if not downright lies. Here’s a recent example that occurred on LinkedIn. The author of a post was probably an innocent victim, but she provided a link to an article about a Nielsen report that gives stats showing ebooks are in decline. Do you follow links like this? It can be dangerous because the link might allow a virus or other malware to invade your laptop or smart phone. Your best bet is to go to the original site if it looks OK and read the article. That said, I read the entire Nielsen report.

But more on Microsoft’s LinkedIn for a moment. I’ve never found much use for it. I have a lot of connections. A lot of them are good people who seem to think I’m someone useful to connect with. Me, the introverted fiction writer? The shy fellow who will never do blog radio and is uncomfortable at any event where I have to appear in person and participate in one-on-one conversations? (I taught large lecture classes at one time, but there is a certain anonymity in that situation that made them easier for me. First days were scary in any class, though—and I was the professor!)


Irish Stew #60…

Monday, January 30th, 2017

[Note from Steve: Lots of mini-comments, mostly related to Mr. Trump. Don’t worry—I’m not responding to every tweet!]


Welcome to fascist America! That’s what needs to be on the Statue of Liberty now, thanks to Il Duce Trump’s most recent executive order which led to the detainment of Muslim travelers in the nation’s airports. This decree from a small-minded and arrogant SOB is as unconstitutional as it is unconscionable and represents a blatant pandering to his bigoted and hateful followers.

In the dragnet, Muslims who have helped the U.S. military, CIA, and state department in their fight against terrorism, Muslims who are war refugees who have legal visas after 2+ years of extreme vetting, parents visiting their children in the U.S. who have visited them many times before, and others were detained, some forced to sign papers allowing DHS to return them to their place of origin, action which mostly likely puts their lives in danger at the hands of the true terrorists. Others are left in limbo with no place to call home. Still others who have already immigrated and are contributing here in America shouldn’t leave the country, even to Canada, for fear of not being able to return. The stay granted by a federal judge in Brooklyn seems to affect only green card holders. That’s not enough!

What’s next? Muslim-Americans being required to wear crescent patches? Internment camps? Goose-stepping troops marching down Pennsylvania Avenue and in front of Trump Tower? The parallels with 1930’s Germany are scary!

“Build the Wall!” Trump’s campaign slogan is a sophism. Most claims coming out of his big mouth are sophisms. His executive orders are sophisms and carefully worded to hide his administrations racism and bigotry. American taxpayers will have to build the wall, not Mexico. Illegal immigrants will tunnel around it or come in on temporary visas, as the majority already do, most staying as good workers who do jobs Americans won’t do, raise their children to be responsible members of immigrant America, and stay out of trouble. The wall will do nothing more than another pandering to Trump’s bigoted and hateful supporters.

America’s greatness lies in its immigrant tradition. Building the wall is the least intelligent thing we can do for immigration reform. And intelligent people know that. The president of Mexico knows that, which is why he blew Mr. Trump off, among other reasons. Why waste time talking to a psycho?

Europe’s turn to the right. French and German progressives and many others are feeling the heat. Mr. Trump was the first, but he might not be the last as the world turns to right-wing demagogues. now called “populists” in the new doublespeak (see the next item). I’m the first to acknowledge that conservatism has its place—change for change’s sake can never be a sound governmental policy. Every action has at least one reaction and careful consideration must be given to whether a policy change will create unintended consequences and have negative impacts—that requires logic and reason driving careful analysis, not ideological and illogical rants.


Capitalism loves fascism…

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

The title is the easiest and most profound explanation for why the NYSE is doing so well. It’s also the eight-hundred-pound gorilla in the pundits’ room that they don’t want to mention. The reverse is also true, of course: fascism loves capitalism. They can be Satan’s two partners for leading us down the road to a despotic government. That’s a yellow-brick road that isn’t gold but old, dry cow pies; it starts with the Roman Empire and before, passes through 1930s’ Berlin, and leads to too many world capitals today.

Don’t get me wrong. Controlled and regulated capitalism in cooperation with government services that take care of people, defend them against enemies, foreign and domestic, protect natural resources and wonders and the environment in general, and work to maintain the health of its citizens, services corporate America doesn’t give a rat’s ass about, makes for a strong partnership and a healthy democracy. Creativity and ingenuity are byproducts of capitalistic-induced rewards for good hard work and industrious production—these are needed to keep an economy healthy, but healthy and happy people are needed too.

History has too many proofs to the meta-theorem of the title and its inverse. The Nazi fanatics and German industrialists were willing partners in the Third Reich’s juggernaut—greed and power took precedence over human rights. More recently the Chinese have created the perfect capitalistic/fascistic marriage. Putin started with fascism, but has created an oligarchy in Russia—an oligarchy is a special shared-power fascism. In both the Chinese and Russian cases, fascism was installed and capitalism is the young bride. On the flip side, Europe is trending toward fascism now, while here in the U.S., Trump’s choices also reflect the trend—three ex-generals in the cabinet paired with the CEO of Exxon/Mobil as SecState.


Irish Stew #56…

Monday, December 12th, 2016

[It’s been awhile. I use this potpourri of news when I want to make a lot of mini-op-eds about current affairs—hence the name. Or, if you like, my Irish temper blows, and then I stew. Because I already had a political op-ed set for tomorrow about the healthcare crisis, I decided to pair this with “Monday Words of Wisdom” and clear my writing to-do list a wee bit. Let’s go to it…]


More Saudi duplicity. I’ve often railed against the duplicitous Saudis in this blog. Sometimes I feel like a voice crying in the wilderness. Here’s yet another example of their duplicity: while we’ve been fighting the Taliban, among others, in Afghanistan for years, the Saudis have been playing both sides, but more in support of the Taliban! To quote a recent Times article: “Saudi Arabia is critical [in Afghanistan] because of its unique position in the Afghan conflict: It is on both sides.” Was Machiavelli a Saudi? They represent the primary source for destabilization in the Middle East and are indirectly (if not directly) responsible for countless tortures and murders of innocents. They are NOT our friends.

Taiwan calling. This is one case where government intervention was required—lots of it! During the election, Trump bloviated a lot about his loathing of the People’s Republic of China (like many communist naming inventions, it’s not a republic and certainly doesn’t belong to the people). He took a congratulatory call from the Taiwanese president. Big deal! Irony?  Obama can call a brutal and murdering dictator in Cuba and Trump is criticized for accepting a call from a democratically elected leader?


Trade agreements: the good, the bad, and the ugly…

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

A serious moment occurred in the presidential debate on October 4 (there weren’t many).  Ignoring the name-calling, insults, and non-productive finger-pointing, Trump could be considered the big winner for this one moment when he mentioned trade agreements.  First, the encounter reinforced the perception that Hillary and Clinton Inc. are sleazebags.  Not only did she deny calling TPP a gold standard for trade agreements (she did), she committed lies of omission by not pointing out that she came out against it only after Bernie Sanders was making points by knocking it.  There Trump was wrong.  Yes, he came out against it too, but only after Sanders had been successful questioning the trade agreements, NAFTA and TPP in particular.

Second, Clinton also presented NAFTA as some great success story from Mr. Hillary Clinton’s administration.  When you add NAFTA to his other sins—the crime bill which sent many blacks to prison, thus worsening their family’s economic plight; colluding with Republicans to strip away Glass-Steagall and other restrictions in place since the Great Depression, thus causing the financial implosion of 2008-2009 because Wall Street had a field day bilking the American public; and not following up that first attack on the WTC with energetic pursuit of al Qaeda, thus allowing 9/11—Bill Clinton’s legacy has many nails in its coffin without even counting Monica Lewinsky and that no-show at the debate, Jennifer Flowers.  It’s surprising that Mrs. Clinton even mentions her husband, but maybe her senility has shortened her memory to the point that she expects the American public to forget about Bill’s peccadilloes.



Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

I tend to reserve that word for special people. Einstein, Ramanujan, Michelangelo, Mozart, Shakespeare, and others come to mind. Trump calls himself a genius, though, so, ignoring the braggadocio and narcissism, can a business person be a genius? Maybe the founders of Microsoft, Apple, and Google, but probably not even them. Certainly not Trump. He’s more of a robber baron than a genius.

America’s tax laws are so bad that he can get away with declaring a 917 million-dollar loss and profit from it. Compared to what other one-percenters big corporations do, Trump’s transgressions seem misdemeanors compared to felonies, though. Of course, they’re not running for President of the United States—they already control the country, so why bother?

The recent “discovery” of the 2005 tape showing Trump’s attitudes toward women—obviously he only considers them sex objects—sure wasn’t a stroke of genius either. His campaign might never recover, and his only counterpunch left is to go after Bill Clinton for his peccadilloes and Hillary for sticking by his side and attacking the women who came forth—whether he brings up Vince Foster again remains to be seen—but all that happened a decade earlier. While many men are sleaze with similar attitudes—you can call them locker room banter if you want—they aren’t presidents or running for president.

The excerpts from Hillary’s Wall Street speeches will be lost in the scandal revolving around Trump’s comments. They indicate that she’s entirely comfortable being the pawn of Wall Street, but the NY Times had that on page 14 last Saturday morning when the latest Trump scandal broke. We have the two most flawed candidates in American history, and one will become president because the other’s a “genius.” Of course, they’re both idiots.  Out of 350 million people, the geniuses in the two parties could only come up with these two?  The title of a famous sci-fi novella comes to mind: we’re faced with “The Marching Morons,” not geniuses.

But sleaziness, mudslinging, and sexual peccadilloes aside, let’s get back to some substance. What Trump’s misdemeanors, braggadocio, and narcissism suggest a more complex question: why are one-percenters and corporations being favored by American tax laws? No serious reforms are on the horizon from any of the four candidates for president, or from any House or Senate members.  The system is rigged against the middle class who pay the bulk of the taxes.  One-percenters often pay very little—something Warren Buffett has railed against—but whether legal or not, the middle class carries the country’s fiscal obligations on their numerous shoulders.  And people like Clinton and Trump can use their “genius” to preserve their fortunes and make even more.