…and then there’s Trump…

Conservatives, progressives, GOP, Dems…and then there’s Mr. Trump. At the best, the president’s politics have no classification beyond creating a narcissistic cult of personality for a wannabe dictator. At the worst, he’s the nominal leader of an alt-right conspiracy that threatens the very future of America and the world. That doesn’t leave much wiggle room—no good here, just the bad and the ugly. Morricone’s fascinating score has become a funeral dirge for free society.

The president wants adoration, and he’s willing to destroy anyone who doesn’t provide it. Even his Chief of Staff has caved and gone to the dark side. Trump’s narcissism is already legend even in this first year of his presidency, and his mental stability is also being questioned. Leaders around the world, ally or foe, don’t trust him. How could they? He wants to be Putin, but he’s probably doing it backward because of those pesky constitutional restrictions. Putin grabbed power in Russian and then created his cult of personality; Trump’s creating his own cult and hoping for power. Those hopes are often dashed, though. Version 3.0 of his travel ban ran afoul of the legal system. Someone did him a favor and reminded him he couldn’t cancel the licenses of entire TV networks—in fact, he can’t even do it for one station! On and on. He has no idea of history or law and is continually displaying that ignorance for all to see.

The admiration for Putin is strange. The Russian despot is a friend of Venezuela’s Mr. Ripe Plantain (AKA Maduro), and the Trump administration has become very unfriendly toward that rat-infested country (the rats are human, of course, with Maduro the rat-in-chief).

Maybe Trump’s beholding to Putin for the help during the campaign, but generally wannabe despots try to eliminate the competition, as portrayed in the dinner scene in Gabo’s Autumn of the Patriarch. But who knows? Trump might even secretly admire Kim. At least Putin and Kim don’t have to tolerate a pesky free press and millions of voters who hate their guts, right? Maybe the tiff with Maduro means that Trump considers him small potatoes…or plantains.

Sen. Corker is right: Mr. Trump is debasing the office of president. I still respect that office, but I’ve lost respect for the people who’ve held it—and Trump is the worst by far. Sen. Flake is right: Enough! Sen. Corker was also asked if Mr. Trump is a role model for the nation’s children. You already knew the answer before he uttered it.

The president’s actions and words are sad and frightening. He has cut off SecState Tillerson’s legs and those of others who believe in diplomacy over war. Mr. Trump doesn’t have a diplomatic bone in his body, of course. On the contrary, this thug only believes in braggadocio and insults. His angry and imperious sneer is known all over the world and his manner has redefined the “ugly American.” He’s bringing the world closer to nuclear war. That Doomsday Clock must be just a few seconds before midnight now as he provokes North Korea and Iran with his bellicose behavior. So much could be done diplomatically with China when it comes to these rogue nations, but Mr. Trump is out to erase all gains made by previous administrations—they’re not his administration, which is perfect, don’t you know, so the two Bush presidents, Clinton, and Obama merit no respect at all. Reagan got the Berlin Wall torn down; Trump wants to build one. He’s the contrarian-in-chief…and for all the wrong reasons.

Does Mr. Trump even have a political agenda? Does he have any well=thought-out policies he wants to get approved? Not really. Rather, that’s not important to him. His agenda is Bannon’s agenda: divide the country and destroy the Dem and GOP establishments, but especially the latter. With both Senators Corker and Flak announcing they won’t be running for reelection, there are two down and fifty more to go. He’s already feuding with Senators Collins, McCain, and Murkowski. He’d fire the House and Senate committees investigating possible Russian collusion (now all but confirmed) if he could. Same for Mr. Mueller who is getting too close for comfort.

One minute he seems rational; the next, irrational doesn’t go far enough in describing his mental state. He has a fetish for insulting nicknames, but he has earned one of his own, Il Duce, because his narcissistic arrogance mimics that infamous Italian fascist’s. I see a lot of Spain’s Franco in him too.

Democracy in the U.S. faces a clear and present danger, and that danger is Mr. Trump and his cronies. He leads the divisive forces in this country and the world. He’s the Devil’s ultimate anarchist, and he now sits imperialistically in the Oval Office. I don’t know if our nation and the world can survive four years of a Trump presidency, let alone eight. Maybe the best we can do, though, is put him in a virtual straitjacket of his own making with a complete repudiation in 2018 and 2020. The nation and the world will thank us.


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