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…and not just wanted to read my books. Storytelling and listening to great stories existed long before printed books; it’s what makes us human! Reading carries on that great human tradition. A reading public is an educated and vigilant public wary of the false promises from haters, bigots, and demagogues. Fahrenheit 451 describes the dangers. We should all champion reading and literacy.

I know you have many reading choices these days, so I’d be honored if you choose some of my books to read.  To dip your toes into the water, please read on to see what I have to offer on this website.  If you have questions, drop me an email (use the contact page)–I love your questions and suggestions.  This site’s mostly about books, but there are other things.  And it’s all about entertaining you with good reading.

And don’t be shy about contacting me.  I might be an introverted author, but an important part of my social life occurs via email and discussion groups on the web, and through comments to my blog posts, so drop me a line about what’s on your mind.  I enjoy hearing from people all over the world.

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NEW books published in 2017:

Rembrandt’s Angel: To what extremes would you go to recover artwork stolen by Nazis?  Esther Brookstone, Scotland Yard inspector specializing in stolen art, and paramour Bastiann van Coevorden, an Interpol agent, match wits with a group of Neo-Nazis who intend to use the sale of stolen artworks to finance an insidious plot.  The case takes them around Europe to South America and back. (Penmore Press, May 2017.) The ebook version is now available on Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, and Kobo. The print version will soon be available on Penmore Press’ website, Amazon, and at your favorite bookstore (if not, ask for it).

Gaia and the Goliaths: Now available on Amazon (.mobi Kindle ebook format) and Smashwords (all ebook formats including .mobi Kindle) and the latter’s affiliates and lenders. An environmental activist is murdered after a peaceful protest.  NYPD homicide detectives Chen and Castilblanco take the case.  An American energy conglomerate and the Russians are suspects, but why? What damning evidence does the activist’s lover have that makes him an international target? Twists abound in this mystery/thriller, the next addition to the “Detectives Chen and Castilblanco Series.” (Carrick Publishing, February 2017.)

And, while you’re visiting Smashwords for the above, look for #4 in the series, Aristocrats and Assassins. Castilblanco and his wife are on vacation in Europe when a terrorist starts kidnapping members of European royal families. Castilblanco and eventually Chen work with authorities to discover the terrorist’s agenda. This fast-moving mystery/thriller/suspense novel is now on sale at Smashwords in all ebook formats until June 1, 2017, for $0.99, a 67% discount. Use the coupon code VN74R.

Please note that every book in this series is a complete and independent story–and is now available on both Amazon and Smashwords. There are no cliffhangers, and you can read them in any order!

Watch for more ebooks of mine on Smashwords in 2017.

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