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Books can be good friends, so you often like to sit down with one and enjoy the time.  But there the metaphor ends: you don’t want a book to waste your time or money.  I get it.  I’m like that too.  So I write books that entertain and maybe make you think a bit, like a good friend, but I’m NOT going to do it with one hand in your purse or wallet.  Yes, I sell my books, so I strive to bring you a polished product, and, because you might not know me, every book has an introductory price as if it were on sale.

I know you have many reading choices these days, so I’d be honored if you choose some of my books.  To dip your toes into the water, please read on to see what I have to offer on this website.  If you have questions, drop me an email (use the contact page).  This site’s mostly about books, but there are other things.  And it’s all about entertaining you with good reading.  My credo:

Provide exciting reading entertainment at reasonable prices!

Books and short stories: What keeps this website and publishing business going are my book sales (surprise!).  I write mysteries, thrillers, and sci-fi, but often blur those genres together.  I currently have twenty-two books in my catalog to offer you–nineteen novels and three short story collections–check them out on the next webpage, or go directly to my Amazon author page.

Some of these books are in a series, but all can be read independently, so jump in anywhere.  The series are: “Detectives Chen and Castiblanco,” “Clones and Mutants Trilogy,” “Chaos Chronicles Trilogy,” and “Mary Jo Melendez Mysteries.”

Books in ebook format are $3.99 or less, save one (soon to change, I hope).  No books are sold from this site.  All can be found on Amazon, but many are available through Smashwords and its retailers, like Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble (with time, more ebooks will be added there).  That pretty much covers every e-reader and mobile device.

So far, I’ve focused on ebooks for the most part, but there are some trade paperbacks available (Xlibris, Infinity, and Create Space)–the most recent ones are the second edition of The Midas Bomb and Rogue Planet, both available from Create Space.  There will be more of these with time.  (I know some readers only read paper versions–please bear with me as I do this.)

Need an introduction to my writing?  While all books are reasonably priced, try Pop Two Antacids and Have Some Java and Fantastic Encores!, two $0.99 short story collections.  The first will introduce you to Detectives Chen and Castilblanco; the second will introduce you to characters in “The Chaos Chronicles Trilogy” and the illustrious Carlos Obregon, medical officer of starship Brendan.

“So, what’s free,” you ask…

Information, that’s what!

As I said above, you’ll find more than books here.  In my blog, for example, you will find:

– “Monday Words of Wisdom”: quotes of note (Mon)

– “Op-Ed Mishmash”: comments on current news and issues (Tues)

– “Scribblers’ corner”: author interviews; Steve’s shorts (Weds)

– “The Writer’s World”: articles on writing and my newsletter, “News and Notices from the Writing Trenches” (Thurs) 

– “TGIF”: books and movie reviews (Fri)

Note: articles will appear hit and miss corresponding to the above schedule.

I can also email you free PDFs: see the webpage “Free Stuff and Contests” for a list.

One way to go beyond a passive existence during your time at this website is to comment on any of the above blog posts.  Here’s another:

Contacts: steve@stevenmmoore.com (or see my contact page)

And don’t be shy.  I might be an introverted author, but an important part of my social life occurs via email and discussion groups on the web, and through comments to my blog posts, so drop me a line about what’s on your mind.  I enjoy hearing from people all over the world.

You can also follow me by clicking “Follow Author” on Goodreads: My Author Page (note: that requires you to log in, if you aren’t already).  You can also “friend me” there–I prefer that to Facebook because Goodreads is more for readers.

And, to continue…

If you landed here, you’re probably an avid reader.  So am I. If you’re a frequent visitor, welcome back.  If you’re new to the site, stay awhile…and I hope you become a frequent visitor too.

Take a tour of the whole website, in fact, and make yourself comfortable.  In particular, go to the “Books and Short Stories” webpage to find a guide to my fiction and a list of my offerings.  Go to “Join the Conversation” for more active participation.

My Bulletin Board (newsy items will often appear here):

NEW books to be published in 2017 (if not earlier):

Rembrandt’s Angel: To what extremes would you go to recover artwork stolen by Nazis?  Esther Brookstone, Scotland Yard inspector specializing in stolen art, and paramour Bastiann van Coevorden, an Interpol agent, match wits with a group of neo-Nazis who intend to use the sale of stolen artworks to finance an insidious plot.  The case takes them through Europe to South America and back. (Penmore Press, spring 2017.)

Gaia and the Goliaths: An environmental activist is murdered after a peaceful protest.  NYPD homicide detectives Chen and Castilblanco take the case.  An American energy conglomerate and the Russians are suspects, but why? What damning evidence does the activist’s lover have that makes him an international target? Twists abound in this mystery/thriller, the next edition to the “Detectives Chen and Castilblanco Series.” (Carrick Publishing, early 2017.)

Now available on Smashwords and associated retailers (Apple, B&N, Kobo,…)!

As part of my program of adding my ebooks to Smashwords, you will now find the following new additons:

The Collector, #5 in the “Detectives Chen and Castilblanco Series”

Family Affairs, #6 in the “Detectives Chen and Castilblanco Series”

Watch for more ebooks of mine on Smashwords in 2017.


New sci-fi book available: Is Rogue Planet hard sci-fi, space opera, or fantasy?–you decide. Set in the same universe as the “Chaos Chronicles Trilogy” and Dr. Carlos stories, this story is about a man who saves his home planet from a despotic theocracy. The adventures of Prince Kaushal will leave you breathless.  Available in all ebook formats (Amazon & Smashwords) as well as paper (Create Space).


“Old” but “New” mystery/suspense/thriller: The Midas Bomb, Second Edition, “Detectives Chen and Castilblanco #1.”  Still available in all ebook formats (Amazon and Smashwords and its affiliated retailers), but at a more reasonable price.  A new print edition is also available via Amazon’s Create Space. If you’re a reader who insists on reading a series in order and balked at the price, now’s your chance to start this series. This second edition was completely rewritten and reedited to match the style of other books in the series.  This is where it all began!

New mystery/suspense/thriller: Family Affairs, Detectives Chen and Castilblanco #6–the title is the theme in this one, but it’s still in that mystery/thriller/suspense genre.  Castilblanco’s cousin’s ex-boyfriend is killed by her current one, and they both are kidnapped.  Another cousin is targeted, but she doesn’t know what she saw or heard that could explain it.  Chen, an uncle, and the US Coast Guard help to solve the mystery.

New sci-fi: More than Human: The Mensa Contagion  “People of Earth!  You’ve just won a complete makeover of your society that brings peace and prosperity.  What will you do next?”  “Why, go to Mars, of course!”  This epic sci-fi tale relates how an invading ET virus affects Earth’s social structures and subsequent space exploration.  It reads like a combination of Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land, Crichton’s Andromeda Strain, Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama, and Weir’s The Martian, an exciting story about new beginnings for humans on Earth and beyond.

“More than Human kept me turning pages after I should have put the book down…. I found the characters well developed and the plot fresh.  I was reminded at times of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy.”

—Debra Miller, in her Amazon review

New sci-fi short story collection: Fantastic Encores! introduces you to three characters in my sci-fi series “The Chaos Chronicles Trilogy.”  It also contains two new Dr. Carlos stories.

“This is a great collection of short stories that are well-written and interesting.  Although they introduce characters that the author created in other books, these stories stand alone.” — Debra Miller, in her Amazon review.

Mary Jo Melendez Mystery #2: Mary Jo is back. Silicon Slummin’…and Just Gettin’ By is the second ebook in this new action-packed mystery/suspense/thriller series.  Mary Jo has a new job.  She also has a stalker.  Moreover, two groups of agents, U.S. and Russian, are pursuing her.  The PI she hires to protect her becomes a new love interest. Even with his help and the help of an autistic computer kid, you still have to wonder if she’s going to survive.

“From the outset I was wholly captured by Steven M. Moore’s ability to weave this story of intrigue and suspense.  His writing style and character development, within the confines of a vivid telling of a unique story, is what other suspense thrillers should be judged by.” — Destiny Brown, in her Goodreads review.

Other books:

Remember, there are twenty-two available.  That’s a lot of reading enjoyment even if you stick with one genre.  My books don’t get old.  (I do, but my books don’t.)  My second editions (Full Medical, Soldiers of God, and The Midas Bomb) were released for the most part because I wanted to lower their prices.  Of course, I took the opportunity to rewrite and reedit. (See the next webpage.)

Most of my books have four- and five-star reviews on Amazon. Want to read one for free?  I’ll send you a freebie in exchange for an honest review.  To sweeten the deal, I’ll even offer you another freebie of your choice–two ebooks in exchange for an honest review of one, the second ebook just a thank you for being a reviewer.  (Use the contact page to query.)

And here’s the legalese (you might want to skip this because it’s like those warnings on software you purchase):

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