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If you landed here, you’re probably an avid reader.  If you’re a frequent visitor, welcome back.  If you’re new to the site, stay awhile…and I hope you become a frequent visitor too.

You and I are lucky: we live in an era where almost any reading taste can be satisfied. It’s instant gratification on the written page.  Moreover, it’s inexpensive entertainment, especially if we read ebooks.

And I’m here to entertain you!  Do you like thrillers and suspense?  Mysteries?  Detectives and agents fighting crime, counter terrorism, and conspiracies?  How about  science fiction? Androids, aliens, clones, mutants, and artificial intelligence? Fast-paced action and strange plot twists? My fiction offers a special treat for readers because it often cuts across all these genres.

I don’t write for other authors.  I don’t write for PR and marketing gurus.  I don’t write for agents and publishers.  I write for readers.  It’s that simple!

Take a tour of this website and make yourself comfortable with my storytelling. Take stock of the other information that is available. In particular, go to the “Books and Short Stories” webpage to find a guide to my fiction and a list of my offerings.  Go to “Join the Conversation” for more active participation.

I work hard to make my novels and short stories entertaining, eerie, relevant, and often irreverent, with plots and characters that extrapolate today’s events into the exciting and sometimes controversial worlds of my imagination. Come imagine the near and far future with me!  However, as they warn you on some highway construction signs: travel at your own risk!  I may take you to mindscapes where you are uncomfortable, but I will always try to entertain you.

Yours in reading,

Steve Moore


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Price reductions for 2015!  Check them out on Amazon and Smashwords. For Amazon, the “Buy Now” buttons will take you to the ebook’s Amazon page and you’ll see the new price.  For example, The Collector has a reduced price. Otherwise, no ebooks are on sale right now, but keep checking this page.


I’ll occasionally make them and they’ll look like this: “The first twenty (20) people who…” (perform some action) “…will receive…” (some kind of ebook as an Amazon gift from me) “…and all who respond will become a member of…” (some series fan club).  That number twenty (20) means there’s some urgency about the offer (number 21 won’t cut it)–most of these offers will also have time limits.  You’ll find one such offer in my recent blog post about casting Castilblanco and another at the end of the new Chen and Castilblanco ebook, The Collector.

A free ebook might seem passe because so many authors have free promos on Amazon.  I don’t do them because I value my work, so these offers are special.  From time to time, there are temporary price reductions too–an ebook sale, if you will.  Series fandom has benefits too: you’ll know about a new series release before anyone else!

Another way to receive a freebie is in return for an honest review on Amazon.  Note: asking for the ebook and not doing the review is bad karma.  People do this all the time.  Presumably, the person reads the book…but who knows?  Sometimes I think people just collect free ebooks, read a portion, and stop.  There are lending programs for that (see my webpage “Books and Short Stories”).


World Enough and Crime, an anthology containing my short story, “The Case of the Carriageless Horse,” Castilblanco’s first case as an NYPD homicide detective.  Edited by Donna and Alex Carrick, this collection contains many other crime-related stories that will entertain you.  Now available!

The Collectornow available!  The next ebook in the “Detectives Chen and Castilblanco Series” titled The Collector has just been released. The detectives set out to solve the murder of the owner of an art gallery, learn about art heists, and are appalled by what stolen art finances in this suspense-filled and action-packed mystery.

Muddlin’ Through features ex-USN Master-at-Arms Mary Jo Melendez as she is framed and subsequently tries to prove her innocence.  She’s a smart, strong protagonist along the lines of the principals in the movie La Femme Nikita and the TV series Alias, only more interesting.  This new ebook starts a new series.

Soldiers of God received a face lift!  I’ve just released a new ebook second edition, in fact, so “face lift” means more than just a new, spiffy cover.  This is a complete rewrite of a book that has only appeared before in trade paperback.  It’s my special  brand of dystopian sci-fi and serves as the bridge between “The Clones and Mutants Trilogy” and “The Chaos Chronicles Trilogy.”  A female FBI agent solves a vicious murder, fights fanatic religious terrorists with the help of a priest she has the hots for, and also takes down an unscrupulous and vicious bizperson willing to take two countries to war to ensure his oil rights.  This is an entertaining, mind-bending, thrill ride to add to your must-read list.  Now available!

“This was perhaps my favorite of Steven M. Moore’s books to date–it tells a complicated tale of intrigue and political manipulation set against a society where religious extremism has become commonplace, and not just for Islam but also for Catholics and Christianity in general.

This book starts off with the assassination of a sitting president, and then moves on to a series of crimes that can be linked to extremist Catholics. And a shadowy figure moves behind the scenes, not only in the US, but in South America as tensions rise between oil powers Colombia and Venezuela. It is nonstop action with great characters on both the hero and the villain side of things. Set in the late 21st century, it combines some solid scientific extrapolation with all the elements of a good thriller.”

–S. D. Beallis, in his Amazon review

Aristocrats and Assassins continues the “Detectives Chen and Castilblanco Series.”  The two NYPD homicide detectives–Chen on assignment to China and Castilblanco on vacation in Europe–have to meet and team up to stop a terrorist who is kidnapping members of European royal families.  The reason why isn’t obvious until the very end.  You’ll want to read this travelogue of a thriller.  Now available!

“I hit a spot in this book where I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know what the terrorists wanted; I wanted to know how the good guys were going to save the day. Well written and well plotted, I enjoyed it completely. Looking forward to the next adventures of Chen and Castilblanco.”

–S. D. Beallis, in his Amazon review

“Twists and turns abound in this first-class thriller that ratchets up the tension from the get go. Add this one to your list of “must reads” for 2014.”

–M. Nettleton, in his Amazon review


No Amber Waves of Grain ends the “Clones and Mutants Series,” making it a trilogy.  Full Medical and Evil Agenda are prequels to this sci-fi thriller.

This new sci-fi thriller carries the reader beyond government conspiracies and political intrigue to world-wide suspense and action. The new addition to the “Clones and Mutants Series” features many players from Full Medical and Evil Agenda: Kalidas Metropolis and friend, two clones, and your favorite evildoer Vladimir Kalinin aka Rupert Snyder aka Sergio Battaglia, who will surprise readers of the first two books in the series. But this country-hopping tale also stands alone as a glimpse into a possible future where forces both good and evil, aided by science and technology, fight to the death.

“Having read the other two books in the clones series, this one is my favorite. I have become rather fond of these characters and feel I know them well. This story was very straightforward with enough surprises and intrigue to keep me reading! The other two books were heavily layered with information, situations, history and character development which paved the way for the sublime simplicity of this one. If you are on the 3rd book you know the characters and you can immerse yourself in their adventures (and sometimes misadventures) and enjoy good story telling! I highly recommend this book and others by this author.” – Debby Kelly in her Amazon review.

Pasodobles in a Quantum Stringscape, an anthology of speculative fiction, featuring the novella “Flight from Mother World,” several Doctor Carlos tales (set in the future beyond Come Dance a Cumbia…with Stars in Your Hand!), and many more stories.  Many hours of reading for very little investment.

Teeter-Totter between Lust and Murder, the third book in the “Detectives Chen and Castilblanco Series.”  The sleuths of The Midas Bomb and Angels Need Not Apply will embroil you in action and suspense yet again.  As a mystery novel, it is a dark probing into the nexus the crime underworld sometimes enjoys with the rich and powerful.  Chen is arrested for the murder of a senator in circumstances that seem to leave no doubt of her guilt, and Castilblanco strives to prove her innocence.  With this new crime novel, I continue the saga of your two favorite detectives as they and their companions fight the corrupting influence of the illegal weapons trade.

“Who can you believe? Who can you trust? How long will you live if you poke your nose into the business of people without conscience? How high does the corruption reach? Steven Moore’s protagonists wrestle with these questions as they set out to solve a murder and become targets for the killer. Good description and some terrific similes.”–Carolyn J. Rose, author of Hemlock Lake and Through a Yellow Wood.

The Golden Years of Virginia Morgan, a sci-fi thriller starring DHS agent Ashley Scott with supporting roles by your old friends, NYPD homicide detectives Chen and Castilblanco.  The main plot theme: does the government think some Baby Boomers know too many secrets?

“This book is a page-turner that keeps you guessing until the end. Late in the story, a bombshell is dropped that will make you gasp if you’ve read the Chen and Castilblanco books. Even if you haven’t, there’s plenty of suspense and thrills to go around. Ashley Scott, despite her age, is a strong leading lady who you’ll almost certainly develop an admiration for by the end of the book.”–Serenity Carson, in her Amazon review.

Featured Series:

Detectives Chen and Castilblanco – Two NYPD homicide detectives work together to fight crime in the Big Apple and elsewhere.  Their unusual backgrounds allow them to solve cases involving terrorists, home-grown militias, drug cartels, art thieves and other villains, in and out of the the tri-state area and abroad.  Here are the titles:

The Midas Bomb

Angels Need Not Apply

Teeter-Totter between Lust and Murder

Aristocrats and Assassins

The Collector

You’ll find descriptions and review excerpts for these ebooks on the “Books and Short Stories” webpage.  The links above will take you directly to the corresponding Amazon webpage for the book.


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